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Nerd Versus Jock

This song is by MC Frontalot and appears on the album Solved (2011).

I'm not saddened to describe: you never mattered to me much.
You were the beautiful ones on the schoolyard
Who were quick with a punch,
Who were fast to point a flincher out for ridicule and derision,
Who could operate athletic equipment with all precision,
Who held no superstition about doing unto others.
Therefore I just avoided you. Jackets in school colors
Weren't difficult to spot you in. Don't associate - solved.
In fact, in retrospect, you barely bothered me at all.
So I bear you no ill will, our eternal rivalry notwithstanding.
You were always the IBM; I was always the Tandy.
Any nerd who couldn't accept the social order was a cur.
Other nerds would ostracize him. Yet all agreed: we knew for sure
That US > YOU, despite appearance.
Look at now: demand for nerds. Old jocks: stock on clearance.
Scratch potbellies and weep about the elbow and the wife.
I guess I am a little saddened to describe you
But I'm going to be all right.
It's cool.
I'm not going blame you for saddening me.

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