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Nerdcore Hiphop (2004)Edit

MC Frontalot - Nerdcore Hiphop
Nerdcore Hiphop
  1. Speed Queen
  2. Good Old Clyde
  3. Mountain Kind
  4. Nerdcore Hiphop
  5. Front The Most
  6. Rewind That Back
  7. Indier Than Thou
  8. Crime Spree
  9. Which MC Was That?
  10. Special Delivery
  11. Braggadocio
  12. I Heart Fags

Nerdcore Rising (2005)Edit

MC Frontalot - Nerdcore Rising
Nerdcore Rising
  1. Charity Case
  2. Goth Girls
  3. Pr0n Song
  4. Yellow Lasers
  5. This Old Man
  6. Nerdcore Rising (featuring MC Hawking)
  7. Which MC Was That?
  8. Penny Arcade Theme
  9. Floating Bridge
  10. Hassle: The Dorkening
  11. Crime Spree
  12. Special Delivery
  13. Message No. 419
  14. I Heart Fags
  15. Braggadocio
  16. Indier Than Thou

Secrets From The Future (2007)Edit

MC Frontalot - Secrets From The Future
Secrets From The Future
  1. Secrets From The Future
  2. You Got Asperger's
  3. Livin' At The Corner Of Dude & Catastrophe (featuring Brad Sucks)
  4. Bizarro Genius Baby
  5. Origin Of Species
  6. I Hate Your Blog
  7. It Is Pitch Dark
  8. Forbidden Planet
  9. A Skit About Robots
  10. Gonna Be Your Man
  11. Very Poorly Concealed Secret Track
  12. Romantic Cheapskate v.2.0
  13. The OMG Skit

Final Boss (2008)Edit

MC Frontalot - Final Boss
Final Boss
  1. Wallflowers
  2. Tongue-Clucking Grammarian
  3. Shame of the Otaku
  4. Canadia
  5. The AM Radio Skit
  6. Scare Goat
  7. Diseases of Yore (featuring Jonathan Coulton)
  8. Black Box
  9. A Very Unlikely Occurrence
  10. In Arrears
  11. Listen Close
  12. A Skit About Vocations
  13. Socks On
  14. Final Boss

Zero Day (2010)Edit

MC Frontalot - Zero Day
Zero Day
  1. Zero Day
  2. Charisma Potion
  3. Jacquelyn Hide
  4. Your Friend Wil
  5. The Tribulations of Muffy and Percival (skit)
  6. First World Problem
  7. Disaster (featuring Beefy and Schaffer The Darklord)
  8. Everyone's a Critic
  9. A Little Bit Broad
  10. Spoiler Alert
  11. 80085
  12. Question and Answer Time (skit)
  13. Better at Rapping
  14. Council of Loathing
  15. Front the Most
  16. Painstakingly Concealed Secret Track

Solved (2011)Edit

MC Frontalot - Solved
  1. Front the Least
  2. Nerd Versus Jock
  3. Captains of Industry
  4. Critical Hit
  5. Problems: Ms. Schaal
  6. Stoop Sale
  7. Victorian Space Prostitute
  8. Invasion of the Not Quite Dead
  9. Problems: Mr. Cenac
  10. Power User
  11. Colonel, Panic!
  12. I'll Form The Head
  13. Solved
  14. Problems: Mr. Mirman
  15. Just Once

Question Bedtime (2014)Edit

MC Frontalot - Question Bedtime
Question Bedtime
  1. Bedtime for Li'l Kyle (skit) (featuring Kyle Kinane)
  2. Start Over
  3. Gold Locks (featuring Gabrielle Sterbenz and Jean Grae)
  4. Two Dreamers
  5. I Can See (featuring Adam WarRock and Sole)
  6. Mornings Come and Go (featuring Marian Call)
  7. Bedtime for Li'l Paul (skit) (featuring P. F. Tompkins)
  8. Much Chubbier (featuring Open Mike Eagle)
  9. Bedtime for Li'l Negin (skit) (featuring Negin Farsad)
  10. Shudders (featuring Kid Koala and The Protomen)
  11. Devil in the Attic (featuring mc chris)
  12. Chisel Down (featuring Busdriver and John Roderick)
  13. Bedtime for Li'l Lisa (skit) (featuring Lisa Delarios)
  14. Wakjąkága (featuring Parry Gripp)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Fresh Dog
  2. Rappers We Crush (featuring Kompressor)
  3. Romantic Cheapskate

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