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See The Light

This song is by MC Erik And Barbara and appears on the album Second (1996).

My life is tremendous maze
I can't find my way without love
So now I have to say
It's simple just wait for the voice of your heart

You can see the light which is shining in the night
Can see the light gotta believe in
You can see the light, it's a reason to fly
Right to the stars in the sky

Yes, you can see the light
Make it if you wanna try
Maybe you're without name, everybody call it same
Everybody call it love
And now it's not enough
When you feel like in the night love will be your light

Love is all around the world
And flies like a bird in the sky
I hope it comes to me now
The powerful love will take me high

Yes, you can see the light
Love will be by your side
So am I just look up
Baby you're my light and star
Lay your hand on your heart
Maze seems your brand new start
All love you wanna find and love will be your light

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