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Good Vibrations

This song is by MC Erik And Barbara and appears on the album Second (1996).

I'm taking up good vibrations
It's givin' me the excitations

Vibrations dripping on me
That's the way I want to live
It's giving me some power
It's giving me some fun
Now we have the party it's just begun
People dance, dance on the beach
Nobody's poor everybody's rich
We have good music and have good fun
Good vibrations, beach and the Sun
Oh, good vibrations
High, good vibrations

Feel this pumping, the feet are stamping
Right to the rhytm people are jumping
All around the party is nice
Everybody is happy 'cause we are in the house
Bang to the base and bang to the beat
This is our funky, so move your feet
With this music we are happy nation
With this music we have good vibrations

Yeah, good vibrations
High, good vibrations

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