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Crystal Meffin

This song is by MC Devvo & Shady Piez and appears on the album From Yorkshire 2 New York (2007).

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I'm only Wayne Meffin, I'm only messin'
Trespassin', crystal meffin
I'll brake ya fuckin' face and I'll nick ya resin
Then I'll kick yer 'ed in (Yer 'ed in)
Then I'll kick yer 'ed in (Yer 'ed in)
And I'll start grebbin'

At passers by, cars and buses
You are all a bunch of fuckin' pussies
This is the Devvo rap

Smoke it, toke it, deal it, break it
Smoke it, toke it, deal it, deal it
Smoke it, smoke it, smoke it
Swapped got want need swapped got want need

Best believe I'm a wannabes
I'm a motherfuckin' prodigy
I'm a motherfuckin' prodigy
Africa, Jamaica, India and Brighton
Fuck you am always fightin'
Droppin' a E an' I'm knickin' yer purse

Me mate Lee bosses E's like you won't believe
Jailbate please
He's not a bellend
He's not a bellend
Lets have a squitzy on your jeb end

That's a ciggy or a rolly (Lilily)
I'm not fuckin' bovad


Maximum in de area

Fuckin' bedwetta' I want ya sweater
Sell it on Forsby Market for a tenner
Probably wont get that much
It's fuckin' fruit at loom, init?
No one buys fruit at loom any more

Eazy-E, I'm not a geezer, I'm a microphone teaser
Crowd pleaser, sweatin' like a beaver
Get ya rat out, get ya rat out
Sweatin' like a beaver
Get ya rat out, get ya rat out

Oi, oi

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