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Too Bad

This song is by MC 900 Ft. Jesus and appears on the album Hell With The Lid Off (1989).

Every single day
On the same old street
We pass each other by
But our eyes don't seem to meet
You don't ever lift your vacant gaze off of the ground
Well here's a little something
That'll turn your head around
I've been watching you buddy for a long long time
I know all your twisted thoughts
'Cause I can read your little mind

You're a perverted evil menace to society
That's why the world is so lucky to have people like me
Who can see that your life has very little worth
And you should now be removed from the face of the earth

So I'm coming to see you and you won't know when
And I'll send you someplace that you've never been

Sample: too bad you're gonna die now"
Sample: "are you ready?"

Your whole life revolves around a big fat lie
Well maybe that's why we never seem to see eye to eye
You're completely absorbed in your own foolish self
You're gonna find out maybe that's not so good for your health
'Cause when you're heading for your crib
With your usual empty mind
I'll be tiptoeing right along about three steps behind

You won't see me
You wont hear me
You wont know that I'm there
And as you look over your stupid shoulder
I disappear into thin air

Yeah you think you're pretty safe in your nice suburban home
With your nice suburban car and your cute little mobile phone
I see you called your little girlfriend
To ask her for a date
Too bad I already paid her a visit
Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh

Sample: "to bad you're gonna die now"
Sample: "hear we go"
Sample: "suppression" (star trek?)

Yeah I come to your house when you're asleep
And into the broken back window I creep
Your bedroom light comin' in through the shade
Casts the flickering shadow of a nine inch blade
I feel my way to your bedroom door
Where I glide like a cat across the bedroom floor

The knife comes to rest up under your chin
Where it gently caresses the tender skin
You think you're still dreaming when you open your eyes
Then you suddenly wake up and feel my steel surprise
And I say "hi, I'm MC nine oh oh"
"How ya doin'?"
"It's too bad you're gonna die"

Sample: "it's too bad your gonna die now

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