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This song is by m-flo and appears on the album BEAT SPACE NINE (2005).

Global Astroliner to Beat Space Nine
Global Astroliner to Beat Space Nine
We are leaving the zone of solar attraction in approximately 10 seconds

Beat Space Nine to Global Astroliner, acknowledged

Prepare for acceleration into temporal space
Acceleration into temporal space continuum now begins

No more 悲しい face
もう始まるよ Beat Space
毎日 grind, 毎日 rhymes
止まらない, eight-oh-
八百屋, Drums be great
My oh my, wait
Years ago, a friend of mine
Asked me to rap and now we on the map
長い年月 later
Shake it to the right and left
Why?悔いなんてない, です
Fo Fo Like バルタン星人
してた, 人達 wannabe 友人
ヤバい, two 未来, two いない
そろそろ start the show
しよう, みんなを Take ya home

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