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This song is by Lyzanxia and appears on the album Mindcrimes (2003).

Darkness for all
We grope for the ground
Led by fanatic noise
Extreme world

Time for all
To catch the light
We wanna raise colors
Of the earth

Set me free
Rescue me from shades
Explain to me
I understand nothing

Inflame the sun
Supply your soul
Shade your eyes from the dark
Give me dusk

Reveal to me
I'm looking for answers
Wake me up
Our only fence is clouds

Living, dying
Gleam paralysed
Dilate pupils
No dusk, no dawn
Black Ray, Night tears
Absence of fear
Perceive, Hearing
We're stained by dimness

Stop! teach us,
See! We're not umbra
No way for me
To Become Spectral


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