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  • Bibigon54

    Summer is already very close. Someone wants to the beach, someone - the park, someone wants to find interesting entertainment. I picked up a very interesting collection of summer hits:

    Лето уже очень …

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  • SirDogg

    RIP Merle Haggard!

    April 6, 2016 by SirDogg

    Wow, I just spent the last couple of weeks listening through Merle Haggard's songs and correcting lyrics, adding links, etc. And he died today!! :( :( Rest in peace, Merle! You will be missed.

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  • Ichigo onlyone


    April 6, 2016 by Ichigo onlyone


    I just started my band. I was wondering if i could include my bands lyrics on here? We don't have a record yet or anything but could we have our lyrics on here anyways?

    - Paradigm

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