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I heard this song when playing the game NHL 07 and I fell in love with the song. The lyrics are great. Take a listen here: Kingnee - Youtube Music video on YouTube
Recognizable to WCW fans as "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan's entrance theme, this classic rock staple is one of the quintessential Jimi Hendrix songs. While it was famously covered by Stevie Ray Vaughan, it's impossible to compare the two versions. Like remakes of classic movies, they just don't measure up to the original.
Before I moved to California, I had never heard of Pretenders before. But after hearing this song, I'm glad I did. It's got just the right amount of pop rock and classic rock and roll.
Peaking just shy of the Top 20, this was Rick Derringer's only Top 40 hit. I don't think of it as a pop hit, per se, but it's one of Derringer's most recognizable hits.
This is the best B-side ever, in fact; this is the best song ever (in my opinion). This song shows off the talents of everybody in the band, especially drummer Zac Farro's.
This is probably one of the greatest songs I ever heard. It goes from gentle to rock and it's probably The Smashing Pumpkins greatest song....EVER.)
Delirious? are a huge Christian rock band, who, after 16 years, are "breaking up" at the end of this year. I chose this song because there aren't many like it - the band visited several places over the world like India and Colombia and wrote about their experiences and the huge differences between our world and the third world. A great song. Listen to song at YouTube
My favorite track on Fever Ray's debut album, Fever Ray; the track is a great sample of what to expect in the rest of the album and clearly demonstrates how The Knife has influenced Karin Dreijer Andersson audio

Preferred Date: March 24th (The release date for Fever Ray in the U.S.)

Anybody who has ever spent some time with a web community or forum will recognise Optimus Rhyme's anecdotes from his work as NOA_ANDY, Nintendo web supervisor. Catchy too. There's a better remix on He dies in Rocket School but you can listen to the original here.
This song describes how I was feeling all weekend! I heard it and it was sooo spot on that I wanted to share it with everyone that hasn't heard it! If you're feeling like I am (ignored, blown off, and under appreciated) listen to this song!
With its humorously macabre lyrics and the howling "ah-hoo!" refrain, this is one of Warren Zevon's most popular hits. There's not much more I can say; it's a great three and half minutes of music: just listen and enjoy.
I love this song, it was written about Brian May's divorce from his first wife. Every time I hear it just makes me cry. The lyrics portray the feelings that Brian was going through very beautifully, but also tragically. I think it would be cool if everyone could hear it and be touched by it like I was.
Famous for its appearance in Oscar winning film The Departed, I'd like to make this nomination as a belated celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Being half-Irish, I'm surprised I've never heard of Celtic punk rock before. But it's an interesting genre of music. audio
It's hard to believe this version of the Otis Redding song is almost twenty years old. Compared to the Redding version, this is certainly more hard rocking; Chris Robinson's voice is perfect. audio
Besides the fact that it kicks ass, there's this girl that I like much and I think she likes me too (I know that it has nothing to do with the song but whatever) and I was so happy that I played it over and over for hours, and that's why it needs to be SOTD. Here's the audio: [1]
I was so surprised when I found out that the author of this hit, Chip Taylor, is the brother of Oscar winning actor Jon Voight. Featuring one of the most recognizable riffs in garage rock, it hit #1 on the singles chart. audio
This song was nominated for the 10th anniversary of Digimon (March 7th 1999).
I was going through a huge rough patch with this girl I loved so badly but thing was she didn't feel the same. I needed refuge and I usually find it in music. I stumbled upon this song and so much flashed in my mind. It helped so much I was finally able to push through and get over her and continue on with my life.
This is one of my favorite Supertramp songs. It broke into the Top 10 on both the U.S. and UK singles charts, and I think it's a great four minutes of music to share. audio
When my favorite band covered this song, I thought I should look up the original. I stumbled across a live performance of the song from 2001, and I was almost moved to tears at how beautiful it was. "In A Little While" remains one of my favorite songs, and it is supposedly the last song Joey Ramone listened to before passing away. live video
Even though this song failed to peak either the UK Singles Charts or the Billboard Hot 100, it still had a lot of attention towards me. It remains as my favorite R.E.M. song.
When this song came out, it was called the Wedding song of the year --- and no wonder! It's a beautiful song with wonderful lyrics, and it's just a joy to listen to. I'd never heard of Lifehouse and stumbled upon by chance, and boy am I glad; I almost cried when I heard it. Have a listen.
This song was nominated to pay tribute to Brad Delp who passed away two years ago. (March 9, 2007)

Preferred Date: 9 March 2009

This is a great cover-version of the original version of Cher as of the famous cover of Nancy Sinatra. In difference to these two versions, band-leader Jack White sings the song highly emotional and believable, he lives the lyrics. You really think that he has experienced the text. Also the music interpretation of the song is awesome. Just great. live
An autobiographical story of Ringo's time with The Beatles, the opening track of his new album is a cute little pop-jangle hit. I've never really listened to the Beatles' separate solo careers (sans Paul McCartney & Wings), but I really like this from Ringo. audio
The opening track of Heaven and Hell is my favorite song after the album's title track. Ronnie James Dio has such a powerful voice, it matches the guitar riff like a glove. audio
Tesla's signature song is pure American hard rock. A top 40 hit on the Mainstream Rock chart, this is quickly becoming a personal favorite; which is saying something – before I moved to California, I'd never even heard of Tesla. But the song is too perfect to ignore. audio
This is apparently the first recorded song by the E Street Band without Danny Federici who died in April 2008 of melanoma.
From their album The Seventh One, this song has always had me listen in awe as it is so poetic and tells a touching story. As awesome are the vocals on this wonderful track - provided by then lead singer Joseph Williams (son of famous film composer John Williams). This is one of the best voices rock music has ever had. audio
The title track of Boston's second album was certainly worth the two-year wait. It was one of their biggest commercial hits, breaking into the top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100. And running six minutes long, it's also still a favorite on classic rock stations. Having recently gotten into Boston's music, this is one of my favorite songs after "Foreplay/Long Time". audio
OK, the beginning is just plain weird, but still, this new Guns N' Roses single is awesome. With awesome guitar and cool vocals, this song is sweet especially when hard rock is losing to alternative rock at this point, even though Axl Rose sounds more like him in "It's So Easy" than in "Welcome to the Jungle" or in "Sweet Child o' Mine".