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With a killer riff and awesome stuff, this one's hard to resist. Written for former AC/DC singer Bon Scott along with "Hells Bells", it's hard not to like this song.
Ozzy Osbourne's first single released as solo artist, it didn't make a big impact on the chart, but it remains a popular staple of the heavy metal genre. Anchored by the guitar playing of Randy Rhoads, I think this song matches "Bark at the Moon" in terms of manic guitar riffs. audio
Written about his wife Sharon, this is one of Ozzy Osbourne's most popular solo hits; both as an album-oriented radio hit and a Top 40 hit. I've never been a big solo Ozzy fan before, but there's something about this song that piques my interest. audio
A fan favorite on the classic rock station in my area (including the acoustic version they recently performed on "The Bob & Tom Show"), I'm not surprised this broke the band into the Top 40. There aren't many songs with a guitar riff like this nowadays. audio
Ever since Christopher Titus mentioned the song in passing (e.g. the "motorin'/what's your price for flight?" chorus) in the Titus episode "Tommy's Girlfriend", I've been trying to figure out what song this was. A power ballad in the vein of Scorpions' "Still Loving You" and Guns N' Roses' "November Rain", this was Night Ranger's first Top 10 hit. I've never been a big Night Ranger fan before, but I really love this song. audio
Frequently Deep Purple's opening stage number, the first track from Machine Head is, in my opinion, one of the best songs from Purple's catalogue. The driving tempo, Ritchie Blackmore's guitar solo, Jon Lord's organ solo, and Roger Glover's bass line make it an instant classic. audio
I was listening to my iPod last night, trying to get some sleep, and it happened to play "Camisado". I let it play, and because it was 2 in the morning, decided to really focus on the song this time. After about 30 seconds I realized what an amazing song it really is. The melody is beautiful, and Brendon Urie's voice compliments it just perfectly. Needless to say, it's currently my favorite song by this unique and talented band.
As a young guy I enjoyed listening to Eartha and her trademark growl. As she passed away on Christmas day at the age of 81, I thought it would be appropriate to nominate this song for Song of the Day. Rest In Peace, Eartha. Video.
This single from Radiohead's amazing album OK Computer is a masterpiece, in my eyes. Yorke's haunting, smooth, melancholy vocals fit the song perfectly. The nigh-cheerful riff in the background compliments the vocals beautifully, and the refrain from which the song's title originates simply speaks for itself: "No alarms and no surprises, please." This song is a calming work of art, deserving to be more than merely the "Song of the Day." Video.
After hearing this cover of the Commodores version, I realized that Faith No More was more than I perceived as a heavy metal/rap combo. Their varied styles have something for everyone; heavy metal, funk, hip hop and soul. Video.
The first track off of Wheels of Fire was one of Cream's biggest hits, peaking at #6 on the American pop chart. I think it's aged well over the last forty years, and the whole thing screams "classic rock". audio
Short but sweet, this boogie woogie hit by SRV was the beginning of the end. As the first track of his last album with Double Trouble, I don't think he could have gone out higher than this. audio
One of the quintessential blues-rock songs of the 1980s, this is one of my top ten favorite SRV songs. The tempo is somewhat slow, but Vaughan's skill on the guitar make the song one of the all-time greats. audio
From Metallica's first album with Jason Newsted, which produced their first mainstream hit in "One", is a little song that got looked over. In short, this song was sorely robbed of being their next hit, as it has all the potential of having joined "One" among their hits. Kirk Hammett on guitar completes this awesome song. Audio
From the album Floodland which was recorded by Andrew Eldritch after the original band split, this Sisters track has excellent flowing lyrics. Audio
This is one of Slipknot's first songs and is from their 1999 album Slipknot. This song is preferred by most fans and has awesome riffs and lyrics. Sound of the song is in general
This is an amazing song by an amazing band. This song appears in the album The Dethalbum. This song has awesome rifts, solo, melody, and lyrics. This song and "Go Into The Water" are the best songs by Dethklok. video
Tis foolish to say that Metallica sold-out with this song. "Enter Sandman", a major hit off of the group's self-titled fifth album, is characterized with very distinct guitar riffs and Lars' insane drum beat. It's nothing short of what heavy metal is supposed to be.
A masterpiece love song by Mr. Thom Yorke. Voted the 17th best song of 2007 by Rolling Stone.
When I first heard this song by Ace many years ago I thought it was an awesome song that I thought would make a great SOTD.
It displays some of STP's best early songwriting as well as berserking and swaggering energy from the guitar and vocals.
Straight out of 1982. Unquestionably one of the greatest progressive rock songs of the 80s. See also:video
The song is one of the band's most highly regarded. The lyrics are beautiful and very, very personal to Corgan's life; along with a very simple, but memorable melody. video
This song shows Disturbed's uncanny ability to put a real life action into a song, bringing emotion and awareness, and it's Disturbed's best song.
It shows off every single member of the band's ability while still making an amazing song.
This was U2's first #1 hit in the United States. Having only recently gotten into the band's music (and I mean really into it; before, I only heard about them in passing), this is one of my favorite songs. audio
Written about Martin Luther King, Jr., I think this is one of U2's most powerful songs. Since King's assassination is such an ingrained part of American history, I don't think there was a better way for the band to break into the American Top 40. audio
From Richard Ashcroft's platinum selling (UK) first solo album, Alone With Everybody, which followed on from the dissolution in 1999 of The Verve, this track is my favourite. Hearing it prompted me to obtain the album. Video