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This is not a policy of LyricWiki.

It is an advocacy page for users who want to see certain kinds of change.

LyricWikia uses MediaWiki, the software engine behind Wikipedia and its sister sites. There are a growing number of sites using a massive extension to this software called Semantic MediaWiki. This package allows websites to organize their data in ways machines can understand, making greater flexibility and ease of use. One of the main uses of this technology is to do away with lists, which have to be maintained by hand. The English Wikipedia has elected not to pursue this path, since they have so many editors to keep up pages, but LyricWikia uses programs more than people.

Innovation Edit

One of the reasons LyricWikia came onto the radar of the Web was because of its innovativeness and uniqueness. These novelties have faded as other sites are editable too now, and maintained by profit-driven companies with lots of staff on payroll. With our limited number of editors, we should rely on bleeding-edge technology to be both useful and cool. SMW delivers on all these fronts.

Reduce Redundant Writing Edit

Suppose a random person does stumble across a song page on our site. Most likely, they're not interested in editing a page, but suppose they do. This song probably doesn't have the album data or much else on it besides the artist. If they are keen to add the album data, he or she needs to add it at the top of the page, the bottom of the page, edit the album page and the artist page. What a waste! Why is there not just one place to put this in, and let the software take care of the rest?! Only through Semantic data can we hope to accomplish this

Categories Simplified Edit

New in SMW 1.2 is the ability to save queries to the Query namespace, kind of like a complicated category. This feature would allow us to drastically simplify our existing categories to Song, Album and Artist and then have an infinite number of pre-defined subsets. These could be clearly presented to newcomers, while advanced users could make their own searches easily.

Page Ranking Done Edit

Our current page ranking system could be reduced to almost zero work. All data from the song page could be collected on the talk page without work, electronically. There would be a drastic reduction in work and time.

Interesting Query Examples Edit

  • All albums released from 1970 to 1980 by Pink Floyd longer than 30 minutes.
  • All songs by Soundgarden in alphabetical order, regardless of album.
  • All Pop artists with more than three albums from Scotland

Were there to be additional properties like Has member:: (person page), Produced by:: (person page), etc. you could make an AllMusicGuide killer.

External Links Edit

Mock up here

Userbox Edit

If you feel you can get behind this proposal, please consider displaying the following userbox on your User page:


which produces:

RDF This user thinks LyricWiki should join the Semantic Web

This will automatically include you in the Category:Users for Semantic

Properties to Create Edit

With the creation of a system of properties, automatic query will generate all the missing values.

Songs Edit

  • Has artist::Type:Page
  • Has album::Type:Page; Type:Number; Type:Number
    • Album link, Disc #, Tracker #
    • allow multiple instances
  • Wikipedia::Type:Page
  • ASIN::Type:String
  • iTunes::Type:String
  • Certification::Type:String; Type:Date; Type:Text
    • User name string, date done, extra test
  • Has Watcher::Type:String
    • User name string
    • allow multiple instances
  • Featured Artist::Type:Page
    • allow multiple instances
  • Has fLetter::Type:String
    • enumerate values A-Z and other languages
  • Has language::Type:String
    • enumerate values (list of language names)
    • allow multiple values
  • Has YouTube::Type:String
  • Has GoEar::Type:String
  • Has Credits::Type:Text
  • Download link::Type:URL
  • Is cover::Type:Page
  • LyricDB number::Type:Number

The system will pull values from the Album and Artist. Page rank will be automatically calculated.

Album Edit

  • Has artist::Type:Page
  • Release date::Type:Date
  • Has fLetter::Type:String
  • Has genre::Type:String
    • enumerate allowable values
    • allow multiple
  • Wikipedia::Type:Page
  • ASIN::Type:String
  • iTunes::Type:String
  • Has Watcher::Type:String
    • User name string
  • Has length::Type:Duration
    • custom type
  • MusicBrainz::Type:String
  • LyricDB number::Type:Number

Artist Edit

  • Has hometown::Type:Page
  • Has website::Type:URL
  • Has mySpace::Type:String
  • Has iTunes::Type:String
  • Has related artist::Type:Page
    • allow multiple values
  • MusicBrainz::Type:String
  • Wikipedia::Type:String
  • Has fLetter::Type:String
  • Has Watcher::Type:String
  • LyricDB number::Type:Number