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A system for loading custom JavaScript and/or CSS code (similar to the Gadgets feature available on Wikipedia Wikipedia16) is available via the "Script preferences" link in the bottom toolbar tools menu, or in the Toolbox if using the MonoBook skin. A link to the page can also be found in the Shortcuts window (press the . key, or click "Shortcuts" in the bottom toolbar).

More scripts (currently floating around in user pages) will be added over time. Feel free to try them out, and leave a message on the talk page here if you notice any problems.

Editor buttonsEdit

These scripts add extra buttons to the editor. Make sure to check any changes made by these edit buttons before saving a page, just in case something goes wrong.

Add AlbumsEdit

Lw btn disc Find album pages that link to the current song page and add them to the {{SongHeader}} template, also sorting them by their release year.

Resolve RedirectsEdit

Lw Button RedirectTidy Replace links to redirect pages with their target page name.

Selection ToolsEdit

Button_lowercase.png Change the selected text to lowercase.

Button_uppercase.png Change the selected text to uppercase.

Button_replace.png Replace all occurrences of the selected text on the page with text of your choice (useful for badly-formatted lyrics). It can also be used as a search and replace tool, using either plain text or a JavaScript-based regular expression.

Tidy LyricsEdit

Lw Button Tidy Tidy and format lyric pages per the standards listed on the song formatting help page. Make sure to review any changes when using this tool, as the changes it makes are generalised and may be unsuitable for some lyrics.

Button_enter.png Attempt to fix line break issues in lyrics. By default, it will replace two line breaks with just one, for lyrics where every line is followed by two line breaks. By selecting some text and then clicking the button, all existing line breaks will be removed, then all occurrences of the selected text on the page will be replaced with a line break (useful for lyrics where the line breaks are instead represented by " / " or similar).

Lw Button Annotations When using the Tidy Lyrics button and any wiki-links are found within the lyrics, this button will appear. Clicking it will add the links collected from the lyrics to the {{CreditBox}} template, under a new "Annotations" header.

Tidy TemplatesEdit

Lw Button TemplateTidy Sort template parameters by their default order and align spacing. It can be used on any template by first selecting the template's name in the editor, then clicking the button. It runs on the following templates by default:



When creating a new page, the script will prefill the edit box with the recommended template. It currently runs on 'Album by Artist', 'Songs by Artist', 'Hometown', and 'Label' category pages. (enabled by default)


The Wikifyer script provides a quick way to create album listings and upload album art using data from the Spotify, iTunes, or MusicBrainz APIs.