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Beavis and Butt-head was a tv series that started in 1992. This is a list of songs and music videos that were featured in the series.


Frog Baseball Set 1
Frog Baseball Set 2
Peace, Love & Understanding

Season 1Edit

Door to Door (History Of Beavis I)
Give Blood (History Of Beavis I)
Sign Here (History Of Beavis II)
Balloon (History Of Beavis I)

Season 2Edit

Scientific Stuff (History Of Beavis II)
Good Credit (There Goes The Neighbourhood)
Burger World (Work Sucks)
Baby Makes, Uh, Three (History Of Beavis I)
Beware Of The Butt (Brushes With Death)
At The Sideshow (History Of Beavis II)
Customers Suck (Work Sucks)
Sick (History Of Beavis II)
Home Improvement (There Goes The Neighbourhood)
Way Down Mexico Way (Too Dumb For TV)
Way Down Mexico Way, Pt. II (Too Dumb For TV)
At The Movies (Too Dumb For TV)
No Laughing (The Final Judgement)
The Butt-head Experience (Work Sucks)
Lawn & Garden (There Goes The Neighbourhood)
Stewart's House (Too Dumb For TV)
For Better Or Verse (Too Dumb For TV)
Bedpans & Broomsticks (History Of Beavis I)
Babes'R'Us (History Of Beavis I)
Yogurt's Cool (History Of Beavis I)
Heroes (Brushes With Death)
Washing The Dog (There Goes The Neighbourhood)
Friday Night (Chicks N Stuff)
Be All You Can Be (Work Sucks)

Season 3Edit

Comedians (Still Stupid)
Carwash (History Of Beavis II)
Couch-Fishing (Sticky Situations)
Incognito (Brushes With Death)
Kidnapped (Sticky Situations)
Kidnapped, Pt. 2 (Sticky Situations)
Naked Colony (Chicks N Stuff)
Tornado (Sticky Situations)
Cleaning House (Work Sucks)
Scratch 'N' Win (Hit It Big)
Scared Straight (The Final Judgement)
Eating Contest (Hit It Big)
Sporting Goods (School Jacks)
Sperm Back (Work Sucks)
Buff 'N' Stuff (School Jocks)
Citizen Butt-head (Law Abiding Citizens)
Citizen Butt-head (Law Abiding Citizens)
Politically Correct (Brushes With Death)
Ball Breakers (Too Dumb For TV)
Meet Gid (Holy Rollers)
Meet God, Pt. 2 (Holy Rollers)
True Crime (Brushes With Death)
The Trial (There Goes The Neighbourhood)
The Crush (History Of Beavis I)
Plate Frisbee (Histroy Of Beavis II)
Canoe (Brushes With Death)
Young, Gifted & Crude (School Jocks)
Foreign Exchange (History Of Beavis II)
A Very Special Christmas With Beavis and Butt-head
Closing Time (Work Sucks)

Season 4Edit

Pumping Iron (History Of Beavis III)

Season 6Edit

Bungholio: Lord Of The Harvest (Butt-O-Ween)
The Mystery of Morning Wood (Self-Improvement)
U.S. History (Star Pupils)
Feel A Cop (Law Abiding Citizens)
Date Watchers (Get Lucky)
Blood Pressure (Feel Our Pain)
Babysitting (Hard Cash)
Vidiots (Chicks N Stuff)
Stewart Is Missing (Law Abiding Citizens)
Gang Of Two (History Of Beavis IV)
Sprout (History Of Beavis III)
Prank Call (Law Abiding Citizens)
No Service (Troubled Youth)
Yard Sale (Hard Cash)
P.T.A. (History Of Beavis III)
Substitute (Troubled Youth)
Shopping List (Brushes With Death)
Buy Beer (Law Abiding Citizenz)

Season 7Edit

Evolution Sucks (Get Lucky)
Ding Dong Ditch (Butt-O-Ween)
Just For Girls (School Jocks)
A Very Special Episode (Innocence Lost)
Dumbasses Anonymous (Innocence Lost)
Underwear (History Of Beavis IV)
Head Lice (History Of Beavis III)
Cyber-Butt (Dumb Ideas)
Nose Bleed (Innocence Lost)
Citizens Arrest (Troubled Youth)
Pierced (History Of Beavis IV)
A Great Day (Hit It Big)
On Strike (History Of Beavis III)
Follow Me (Histroy Of Beavis III)
Nothing Happening (Brushes With Death)
Take A Lap (History Of Beavis IV)
Shortcuts (Star Pupils)
Bride of Butt-head (Hit It Big)
Special Delivery (Dumb Ideas)
Woodshops (Star Pupils)
TV Violence (Holy Rollers)
Canned (History Of Beavis IV)
Garage Band (The Future of Beavis & Butt-head)
Impotence (Troubled Youth)
Shopping Cart (Dumb Ideas)
Inventors (Hard Cash)
Die Fly, Die! (Troubled Youth)
Drinking Butt-ies (Hit It Big)
Work Is Death (Troubled Yoth)
Breakdown (Star Pupils)
Graduation Day (The Future Of Beavis & Butt-head)
The Future Of Beavis & Butt-head (The Future Of Beavis & Butt-head)
Leave It To Beavis (Butt-O-Ween)
Butt Flambé (Brushes With Death)
Beavis and Butt-head Do Thanksgiving (Still Stupid)

Season 8Edit

Werewolves Of Highland
Tech Support
Holy Cornholio
Bathroom Break
The Rat
Copy Machine
Bounty Hunters
Time Machines