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Season 1Edit

Episode 101
  1. Spunk by Greek Buck (Opening credits)
  2. Can You Feel It by The Tamperer (Intro nite club )
  3. Let's Hear It For The Boy by Katty B. (80's Night in club)
  4. Synasthesia by Junkie XL (Time to find Brian)
  5. Deeper Love by Ruff Driverz (Justin on Liberty Ave.)
  6. Sandstorm by Darude (Brian exits club, spots Justin)
  7. You Think You're A Man by Full Frontal (Brian and Justin in apartment)
  8. Proud by Heather Small (Michael & Brian on roof ledge )
  9. X-Hale Slowly by Bootsy McQueen (Guys leaving hospital)
  10. So Good by The Aloof (Brian & Justin in bedroom )
  11. Heavy Scene by Meg Lee Chin (Michael driving Jeep)
  12. More Effeminate Than You by Robin Black (Brian and Michael in Jeep )
  13. Dive In The Pool by Barry Harris (End Credits)
Episode 102
  1. Freefall (Nettwerk Records) by Tom Third (Justin in the locker room)
  2. Wanna Mmm by The Lawyer (Brian and client in bathroom)
  3. Turn It Round by Courtesy of MasterSource (Working out)
  4. Louisiette by Prairie Oyster (Michael enters sports bar)
  5. Liar Song by Michael Chase (Michael talks football)
  6. Mambo Lupita by Peer Music (Brian tells Swayze story )
  7. Dancin' (Like It's the Last Day of My Life) by Mike Drury (Michael and Justin)
  8. Minimal Peach by Greek Buck (Michael in old room )
  9. Sleep by The Dandy Warhols (Brian and Justin by car )
  10. Dive In The Pool by Barry Harris (End Credits)
Episode 103
  1. Ishai's Freylekh by The Flying Bukgar Klezmer Band (The Briss)
  2. Walking In Wonderland by Courtesy of MasterSource (At the gym)
  3. Up Yours by Jeff Peacock (At the diner)
  4. Showtime by Trigbag (Brian sees Mr. E )
  5. Superstar by Tom Novy (Brian sees Mr. E again)
  6. Banana by P.O.D. (Brian loses Mr. E / Tracy spots Michael)
  7. Go 48 (Bass Mix) by DJ Matt C (Vic lends Justin his card )
  8. Take Me, Love Me (Squeeze Me Baby) by Friburn & Urik (Justin & Daphne enter club)
  9. Dive In The Pool by Barry Harris (Brian & Michael together)
  10. Bingo Bango by Basement Jaxx (Ted in Babylon )
  11. Here's A Little Something by Joe Quaranto (Emmett finds Katsuo)
  12. The Only Way Is Up by The Kinky Boyz (Emmett, Brian & Michael in club)
  13. The Music (Razor n Guido Club Mix) by Orang'e (Brian steps into crowd)
  14. Let's Hear It For The Boy by Katty B. (Justin enters the dance floor)
  15. Dive In The Pool by Barry Harris (End Credits)
Episode 104
  1. Digga Digga Daa by Erotimania (Boys at Liberty Diner)
  2. Absurd by Fluke (Justin & Christian Cleaning Up )
  3. Weightless by See Spot Run (Justin & Daphne in Justin's Room)
  4. Just Feel Free by DuMonde (Justin w/ Mom in car)
  5. I Need Somebody by Iggy Pop (Brian at Babylon )
  6. Lovin' You by Kristine W (Michael sees pics at Ted's)
  7. Blue Green by Velvet (Michael & Emmett at Woodys )
  8. Straight To Number One by Touch 'N Go (Brian & Justin in Michael's Room )
  9. Dive In The Pool by Barry Harris (End Credits)
Episode 105
  1. Up Jumped The Boogie by See To Sky (Chattin' at Liberty Diner)
  2. Deeper by Speedbump (Justin's Mom at Woody's)
  3. Heavy Scene by Meg Lee Chin (Jennifer sees Debbie at Diner)
  4. Eirchelruck by Da Hool (Brian and Client at Babylon)
  5. Billy Club by Junkie XL (Justin's Art Show)
  6. Everybody Pass Me By by Pepe Deluxé (Michael getting ready for date)
  7. Continental Impressions by Roger Webb (Dinner with David and Michael)
  8. Sunshine by Trigbag (Michael Hot & Bothered at Club )
  9. Sexy Boy by Kinky Boyz (Michael & Stranger/ Brian & Baby)
  10. Dive In The Pool by Barry Harris (End Credits)
Episode 106
  1. Life Is Like A Circle by Derrick Carter (Ted & Emmett at Torso)
  2. The Struggle For Survival by DJ Matt C (Boys talking at Gym)
  3. You by Judy Albanese (Brian & Dr. Dave at Woodys)
  4. Do You Love Me by Speedbump (Brian & Dr. Dave at Woodys )
  5. Sesto's Aria by Dagmar Peckova (Ted & Roger listen to music )
  6. Sesto's Aria by Dagmar Peckova (Ted & Roger Making out)
  7. Sesto's Aria by Dagmar Peckova (Ted alone in bed )
  8. I Love by Soundblast (Debbie & Jennifer at Woody's )
  9. Summerfire by B*U (Babylon )
  10. Dancing Queen by Abbacadabra (Brian/Michael dance at Babylon )
  11. Give Me Tonight by Shannon (Michael messed up at Babylon)
  12. Ladybird by Baby Fox (Brian stares at Justins Sketch )
  13. Dive In The Pool by Barry Harris (End Credits)
Episode 107
  1. Punk Police by H-Block (Justin & Daphne in Tattoo/Piercing Parlor)
  2. Class War by Jersey (Justin gets Pierced )
  3. Gemini by Steve Yanko (David & Michael in Liberty Diner)
  4. I Rock by Tom Novy (Michael gets relationship warning at Woody's )
  5. Little Soul by H2so4 (Craig in Justin's Room/ Brian & Justin in bedroom)
  6. Party People by Alex Gopher (Studs in Suds)
  7. Lost Dawg by Mick Maher (Brian In Jeep)
  8. Sexy by Bettina (Michael & David see Brian Dancing )
  9. Summerfire by B*U (Babylon )
  10. Dancing Queen by Abbacadabra (Brian and Michael dance at Babylon )
  11. Start Rockin by AntiLoop (David dancing with Brian )
  12. The Secret Wish (Lange Remix) by Boccaccio Life (David tells Brian to let Michael Go / End Credits)
Episode 108
  1. Anything by Chin (Liberty Diner - Debbie collapses)
  2. Don't Tell Me by Madonna (Brian's Loft - Justin stays over)
  3. For One More Day by Tyler Yarema (Debbie's House - Debbie & Vic)
  4. Turn It Round by Marc Ferrari (Michael/Emmett/Ted talking at Gym )
  5. Find My Baby by Moby (Moby song in Justin's player at Brian's Loft )
  6. Hustle Espanol by Full Intention (Woody's - Brian meets "Hotlanta")
  7. Teardrops by Carey Bell (Brian's Loft - Justin watches Brian & "Hotlanta")
  8. Certainly by Luigi Sabatini (Celebrating Michael's Promotion at Diner)
  9. Just The Beat by Master Source (Continued celebrating at Diner)
  10. Superhero by Sky (Justin and Brian leave Justin's home )
  11. He's All I Want by Angelmoon (Brian's Apt. - Brian and Justin at dinner / End credits)
Episode 109
  1. Good Love by Patria (Woody's - Boys around Pool Table)
  2. Kissy Kissy by Azure (Loft - Justin doing Homework)
  3. Heaven 99 by A Digital Blonde (Babylon - You Made Me Spill My Beer)
  4. Down & Dirty by Shannon McNally (Lindsay & Melanie In Bed)
  5. Lonesome & Hurting by Vern Checchoo (Legion Hall - Bar w/ Brian's Dad)
  6. Bad Case Of Loving You by Robert Palmer (Dr. Dave asks Michael to Move In)
Episode 110
  1. Crying at the Discotheque by Alcazar (Woody's - Mysterious Marilyn)
  2. Women In Blue by Pepe Deluxé (Liberty Diner - Boys at Diner)
  3. Boy From NYC by Guys Singing (Guys Singing In Jeep)
  4. Boy From NYC by The Ad Libs (Shots of NYC / Boys in NYC )
  5. Filthy Mind (Mount Rushmore Mix) by Amanda Ghost (NYC Hotel - Brian and Justin)
  6. Suffering by Jay-Jay Johanson (Dr. Dave's Fantasy )
Episode 111
  1. Boys Keep Swinging by David Bowie (Boys Walk Down Street)
  2. A Day In Copacabana by Crico Castelli (Ted/Melanie in Sex Shop)
  3. Sweet Thing by Flex (The Birthday Party)
  4. Back 'N Forth by Supa Kings (The Birthday Party)
  5. I Like by StoneBridge (The Birthday Party)
  6. King Of My Castle by Wamdue Project (The Birthday Party)
  7. Jump for Joi by Joi Cardwell (The Birthday Party)
  8. Silence by Luna Chique (The Birthday Party)
  9. Disco At The End of the World by Fantastic Plastic Machine (The Birthday Party)
  10. Boys Keep Swinging by David Bowie (Brian alone / End Credits)
Episode 112
  1. Funky Dancer by Velvet (Woody's - Brian & Ted)
  2. Disconnected Child by Tin Star (Michael & Dave in Bedroom / Brian in Alley)
  3. Egyptian Magician by Armand Van Helden (Ted picks up "2nds"/ Matt approaches Emmett)
  4. Feel Like Singing by Sandy B (Diner - Justin tries to play middle man )
  5. Mambo Jambo by Mambo (Ice Cream Kisses / Justin is on to Brian)
  6. Samba by House Of Gypsies (Babylon - Transitions)
Episode 113
  1. Careful by Wild Strawberries (Lesbian Baby Party)
  2. Funky Noise by Quincy Freak (Babylon-Emmett makes panic phone call)
  3. Watch Them Come by Roy Davis Jr. (Matt & Emmett at coffee shop)
  4. Vibe by The Step Kings (Brian & Kip in his office)
  5. Beautiful Way by Beck (Lesbian Bar-Melanie smokes with Marianne)
  6. La Guitaristic House Organisation by Rinôçérôse (Brian & Kip at his Loft)
  7. Orgasm Edict by Greek Buck (Melanie & Marianne in bedroom)
  8. Keep Reaching by Halo (Babylon - Boy's talk Manrammer)
  9. Vibe by The Step Kings (Brian's being sued for sexual harassment / End Credits)
Episode 114
  1. Do The Hustle by Van McCoy (Vic & Deb Doing The Hustle)
  2. Just Because You Love Me by Brian & Michael (Brian & Mikey Remember)
  3. Viva L'Amour by Tess (Boys at Woody's)
  4. Tonight, I Celebrate My Love For You by Peabo Bryson/Roberta Flack (Emmett/Heather visualizing)
  5. Future by Halo Varga (Justin hits on Kip in Alley)
  6. Future by Halo Varga (Justin blackmails Kip)
  7. A Fifth Of Beethoven by Walter Murphy (Michael/Dr. David "dance")
  8. Do Ya Feel The Love by Love Inc. (Babylon - Ted & Mel discuss Emmett)
  9. Shake Me by Mint Royale (Babylon - guys dancing / End Credits)
Episode 115
  1. Radiocapte by Rinôçérôse:Cubicle (Liberty Diner - Guys Hanging Out)
  2. U-Turn me by Byron Stingly (The Leather Ball)
  3. Cultural Year Zero by Recon (Leather Demonstration )
  4. Who Am I by Massiv (Dale Invites Ted to his place)
  5. Who Am I by Massiv (Having fun in the Back room )
  6. I Need Feel by H2so4 (Ted Opens the Door)
  7. Green Tomatoes by 45 Dip (Liberty Diner - Ted questions diet)
  8. Kitten Moon by Fluke (Ted arrives at Dale's for fun )
  9. How soon is now by The Smiths (Brian Pick's up Picture of his Dad / End Credits )
Episode 116
  1. Theme From A Man and A Woman by Francis Lai (Dr Dave pays and pays again)
  2. Devil's Brew by Mo Koffman (Dr Dave & Michael argue - In Restaurant)
  3. These Boots Are Made For Walking by Geri Halliwell (Babylon - Dyke Nite )
  4. C'est Ma Chanson D'Amour by Terry Day (Mel meets Guillaume - Fantasy)
  5. Treasure by Rainbow Club (Liberty Diner - Michael's no boytoy )
  6. Allo Depanneur by Jean-Michel Bernard/Alain Goldstein (Lindsay's House - she's getting married)
  7. By Your Side by Malina (The Gang's at Woody's)
  8. Straight To Number 1 by Touch 'N Go (Michael & Dr Dave having fun)
  9. I Parade Myself by Gang Of Four (Liberty Ave. - Justin makes enemies / End Credits)
Episode 117
  1. Lizzie's Balloon by 45 Dip (Melanie and Lindsay talk on couch)
  2. Trip Chick by Mtrax (Brian, Ted & Emmett at Liberty Diner)
  3. Max's Mambo by Phil Dwire (Party at David's House )
  4. Red Scarf by Jean PaulCatoul (Party at David's House)
  5. Feel Cool by Top Cat (Party-Justin puts on new music)
  6. I Say a Little Prayer by Melanie (Melanie Sings to Gus)
  7. Party People by Alex Gopher (Party Scene -Everyone is dancing)
  8. Touch Me by Rui DeSilva (Party Scene -Michael Talks to David )
  9. Cu Cu Rru Cu Cu Paloma by Luigi Sabatini (Deb's House -Everyone eating)
  10. Ciao For Now by Luigi Sabatini (Deb's House -Michael addresses the group)
  11. Rendez-vous by Basement Jaxx (Brian and Justin Outside / End Credits)
Episode 118
  1. I Wanna Be A Cowboy by Boys Don't Cry (Boys at Babylon)
  2. I'm Addicted (You're The Worst Thing For Me) by Thea Austin (Ted sees Blake)
  3. The Worst Thing For Me by Pusaka(Chris Cox) (Prowlers In Towels)
  4. Keep Rushin' by Mindtrap (Babylon Bathroom - Ted finds Blake)
  5. Horny by Mousse T vs Hot N Juicy (Bath House)
  6. Ah Forse Lui by from La Traviatta (Ted's Apt)
  7. Ah Forse Lui by from La Traviatta (Ted Can't Find Wallet)
  8. Forever Young by Temperance (Babylon - Justin & Brian)
  9. Kind Of Magic by Queen (Justin Draws / End Credits)
Episode 119
  1. The Mission by Tomcraft (Brian gets phone call in bed)
  2. Mass Romantic by The New Pornographers (Pool- Daphne Intro's Glen)
  3. Spin Spin Sugar by Sneaker Pimps (Interior Babylon)
  4. Auntie Tom's by Fuzz Townsend (Woody's -Justin gets advice on girls)
  5. Only When I'm Late by T.O.S. (Woody's -Justin gets advice on girls)
  6. Giusto ciel!In tal periglio by RCA Italiana Orchestra and Chorus (The Funeral -Brian Smokes)
  7. Wonderful Love by Creeper Lagoon (Daphne and Justin in his bedroom )
  8. My Love by Kellie (Emmett warns Blake to stay away )
  9. Hey Sister by Fuzz Townsend (Liberty Diner -Daphne's Flirting with Justin )
  10. Let Forever Be by The Chemical Brothers (Brian and Michael Bowl )
  11. Resign by Darren Glover (Interior CD store )
  12. Damml Tu Forza, O Clelo by Artist Unknown from La Traviata (Ted rescues Blake )
  13. The Shining by Badly Drawn Boy (Brian Bowls )
Episode 120
  1. Big Thick Muscle by Zac Efron (King of Babylon Photo Shoot )
  2. Now That I Have Found You by 2 Elements (Boys at Liberty Diner)
  3. Boy by Book Of Love (Babylon - Ted/Blake Alone )
  4. Got To Have by DJ Prince & Justin K (Babylon - Fireman Dancing/Brian's a Jerk)
  5. Sunday In The Park by from Sopersound Library (Men's Bathroom in Mall with Vic )
  6. Are You Satisfied by Victor Calderone (Babylon - Emmett walks alone/Cop dancer )
  7. Pas de Deux by from "West Side Story" (Babylon - Emmett Spots Brent )
  8. Get Wicked by Those 2 (Babylon - Brian signs up/Sheba talks to Justin )
  9. Love's Theme: Romeo & Juliet by written by Tchaikovsky (Babylon - Emmett & Brent - 2 halves of same soul )
  10. What a Way To Run A Railroad by Huevos Rancheros (Babylon - Fun in Bathroom )
  11. Heaven Scent (John Johnson Mix) by Bedrock (Babylon - Brent's welcome, Blake's not )
  12. The Power by Rosabel (Babylon - Ted wants to be with Blake )
  13. Jumpin' and Pumpin' by Kim English (Babylon - Leather Dancer/Bathroom )
  14. Les Mirlitons by from "The Nutcracker Suite" by Tchaikovsky (Babylon - Emmett & Brent and dreams )
  15. Song 2 (techno mix) by Blur (Babylon - Dr. Dave on stage )
  16. Melancholy Rose by Operatica "O" (Babylon - Dr. Dave surrounded/Justinplans )
  17. Pezzo In Forma di Sonatina by from "Serenade for Strings" by Tchaikovsky; performed by the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (Babylon - Emmett & Brent break up)
  18. High School Confidential by Carole Pope (Babylon - Justin Struts his Stuff)
  19. Hall of Heroes by Megatrax Library (Babylon - Justin crowned king )
  20. Queers R Doin' It by Dillon & Dickins (Babylon -Justin steals Brian's "prize" )
  21. You Look So Fine by Garbage (Babylon - Brian sees Justin in backroom )
  22. Why Can't We See by Plasmic Honey (Babylon - Deb/Mel arrive - Blake gets $$ )
  23. So Hot by Touch 'N Go (David's Bedroom - Michael requests dance )
  24. Violin, Full Orchestra by Speak Epicenter Music Library (Liberty Diner - Emmett & Brent's final meeting )
  25. Big Thick Muscle by Zac Efron (Sting on Poster / End Credits)
Episode 121
  1. Deck-A-Dent by from "Extreme Music" (Atlas Awards - Brian gets trophy )
  2. New York City by The Demics (Atlas Awards - Brian and Adam on Balcony )
  3. Stay by Adtrax (Atlas Awards - Bg. music )
  4. I'm Just A Lucky So and So by Diana Krall (Store - Ted & Blake try clothes on )
  5. Mosh by Fluke (David & Michael Phone Call )
  6. Saturn by Tarantella (Boys at Woody's )
  7. Score from "Washed Up" by Frank Di Carlo (Brian and Michael in old Movie House )
  8. The Conversation by Tom Third (Piano Bar - Adam calls - Brian doesn't get job )
  9. La Fleur Que Tu M'Avais by (from Carmen) (Bizet Blake comes onto Ted )
  10. The Music Goes 'Round and Around by Louis Prima (Restaurant Phone Call )
  11. Go To The Water by Jamie Oakes (Tail Credits )
Episode 122
  1. Oooh Baby (F**k Me, Baby) by Veda Simpson (Countdown to 30)
  2. Deep Grief by from The Music People library (Happy 30th )
  3. Lonesome Kitty Blues by Laura Rosch (Lindsay & Brian shopping )
  4. C'est Une Chanson D'Amour by written by Offenbach from "Les Contes d'Hoffmann" (Blake comes home tweaked )
  5. Come Into Me by Sal Dano (Boys at Babylon )
  6. Spreading The Light by The Colein (Boys at Babylon )
  7. Blisters by from de wolfe music library (Flannel Party )
  8. Happy Feet (High Heels Mix by BLAM, remixed by PAUL MAC) by Jack Hylton (Brian's private party)
  9. Watching The Apples Grow by Stan Rogers (Flannel Party)
  10. North To Alaska by Johnny Horton (Flannel Party )
  11. Buffalo Gals by from Morning Music Library (Flannel Party )
  12. Faded by soulDecision (The Prom )
  13. Bingo Bango (Latin Mix) by Basement Jaxx (The Prom )
  14. Save the Last Dance for Me by Ben E. King & The Drifters (Brian and Justin Dance )
  15. Parce Mihi Domine by Jan Garbarek with The Hilliard Ensemble, "Officium" (Hospital / End Credits)

Season 2Edit

Episode 201
  1. Risin' by Elle Patrice (We're back in Babylon )
  2. 21st Century Man by Jon-Sel (Back room of Babylon - Michael finds Brian)
  3. Stick by 79 Stickman (Emmett's looking for a new roommate )
  4. Menuetto in A Major by Alain Leroux (The Straight Wedding w/Lindsay, Melanie, Ted & Emmett )
  5. Court Music by Bette Byers (The Straight Wedding w/Lindsay, Melanie, Ted & Emmett)
  6. Feel The Beat (Remix) by Darude (Justin freaks out on Liberty St. )
  7. Love Like A Razor Blade by Junkie XL (Woody's -Brian sees Justin )
  8. We Got The Beat by The Go-Go's (Lindsay proposes to Melanie )
  9. Roton by Moonface (Newscast of glued toilet (Woody's) )
  10. No More Good Guys by Skindive (Brian drops off Justin>tail credits )
Episode 202
  1. Nightmare by Paul Inston (Justin's nightmare)
  2. Beautiful by Mandalay (Victor Calderone's After Hour Mix) (The boys at Babylon)
  3. Nightmare by Paul Inston (Justin arrives at Brian's loft)
  4. Stick by 79 Stickman (Boys at Gym )
  5. Deathrow or Heathrow by The Dears (Justin and Brian in the Jeep)
  6. On the Strip by 480 East (Michael & Emmett as naked waiters )
  7. Feel the Rhythm by Smokin Joe (Brian talks to a shrink @ Woody's )
  8. Faded by SoulDecision (Brian, Justin & Daphane talk about dance at prom )
  9. Save the Last Dance for Me by Ben E. King and The Drifters (Brian & Justin Re-Enact dance at prom )
  10. De Cara a la Pared by Lhasa (Lindsay says yes to Melanie )
  11. Svefn-g-englar by Sigur Rós (Brian and Justin Make Love / End Credits)
Episode 203
  1. Some Day by Kevin Laliberte (Gay As Blazes Dinner Party)
  2. Q Link by The Music People (Gay As Blazes Theme)
  3. Spanish Fly (Dee Main Mix) by DJ LaFleche (Liberty St. - Brian and Michael )
  4. Nova Estrella 2 by The Music People (Emmett has a new job )
  5. Dirt by The Stooges (Sex time - Brian & Cop / Mel & Linz )
  6. To Joao by The Music People (Emmett & Blaine )
  7. We Like The Music by Sugarpussy (Woody's )
  8. Man Research by Gorillaz (The Orgy )
  9. Bad Habits by Onephatdeeva (Michael confronts Brian (Babylon) )
  10. When My Boy Walks Down The Street by The Magnetic Fields (Justin walks to Brian )
  11. All The Young Dudes by Mott The Hoople (Brian & Michael at Comicon )
  12. No More Heroes by The Stranglers (End Credits )
Episode 204
  1. Free by Ultra Naté (Pride opening)
  2. Stand Up by Love Tribe (Babylon)
  3. I Got My Pride by Barry Harris (Babylon)
  4. Switch by Fluke (Brian's new concept for drink label)
  5. One More Time by Daft Punk (Brian's test is a success/Ted finds out)
  6. Movin' Up by Mike Cruz presents Inaya Day & Chino Ro (Brian shows Poole his new target)
  7. Babarabatiri by The Gypsymen (Pride Parade - Brian & Ted )
  8. Ya Slippin' by Paranoid Jack (Lindsay hands Gus to Brian )
  9. Need U by Matthaus (Lindsay hops on Mel's bike )
  10. Guacabourdes by The Stickmen (Michael shows up in drag )
  11. Romeo by Basement Jaxx (Woodys - Ted meets someone )
  12. Chiquitita by ABBA (Liberty Ave. - Brian and Justin, Shall we dance? )
  13. Free by Ultra Naté (End Credits )
Episode 205
  1. Follow That Dream by Drag Kings (Mel & Lindsay announce the wedding)
  2. Swanky Panky by Extreme Music (Ted in bed alone)
  3. The Pussy Posse by Extreme Music (Ted in bed alone (cont'd))
  4. Easy Tiger by Extreme Music (Ted's Intervention…and a new job )
  5. Panic Wreck by John Bottomley (Michael in comic store)
  6. Wild, Sweet & Cool by The_Crystal_Method (Michael wants a dream… (Babylon) )
  7. Soft & Warm by Sopersound (Michael in Clown suit )
  8. Cog by Hellen Keller (Michael asks Captain Astro for help )
  9. Cog by Hellen Keller (Thoughtful Ted realizes his porn idea )
  10. You by Phunky Data (Michael/Ted announce their dreams)
  11. Sketch by Kurt Swinghammer (Justin/Michael )
  12. Follow That Dream by Drag Kings (Michael follows dream )
  13. If It Feels Good Do It by Sloan (End Credits )
Episode 206
  1. Carmen by Bizet (The boys witness first hand...jerk@work)
  2. Striptease by Hawksley Workman (Split screen on the street to Comic store)
  3. Everywhere At Once by Lindy (Ben makes Michael an offer )
  4. Swingville Sashay by Extreme Music (Brian at store - ow big is your zucchini? )
  5. The Name of the Game by The Crystal Method (Justin catches Brian in action)
  6. The Single by The Weekend (Diner - Emmett is invisible )
  7. Big Muff by Pepe Deluxé (Emmett & Ted spot Zack O'Toole )
  8. No Regrets by Gob (Michael arrives at college, chickens out )
  9. Ashtray by Greek Buck (Justin confronts Brian)
  10. La Donna E Mobile by Giuseppe Verdi (Emmett gets job on Ted's web )
  11. Unloveable by The Smiths (Debbie talks to Brian about Justin )
  12. Fuck Me Harder by Thunderpuss (Fetch Dixon… Star is Porn )
  13. Sneaky One by Satoshi Tomiie (Justin & Brian come to an agreement / End Credits )
Episode 207
  1. Orgasm Addict by Buzzcocks (Emmett goes for the record )
  2. A Stitch In Time by The Supers (Comic Book Store )
  3. The Thought Of You by The Music People (Lindsay asks for $$ from parents)
  4. Such Is Life by Rank 1 (Michael T. Diamond Remix) (Brian stirs up trouble…gang meets)
  5. That Groove by Zulu (Party preparations )
  6. On The Holy Mountain by A. Dvorak (The Lame party )
  7. Larghetto by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (The Lame party )
  8. Love Shack by The B-52's (Melanie/Lindsay's Party )
  9. My Heart Belongs To Daddy by Marilyn Monroe (The debate's over…friends again)
Episode 208
  1. Before You leave by Pepe Deluxé (Michael has Ben vision )
  2. The Man I Love by John Alcorn (Michael meets bachelors #1, 2, & 3 )
  3. Bachelor Pad by Fantastic Plastic Machine (Brian's photo shoot of Michael )
  4. Heat Seeking Pleasure Machine by Paul Mac (Brian and Justin in shower -Brian encourages Justin to go to party)
  5. Tie Me Up by Handsome Devil (Justin at party, spots Eric)
  6. Tie Me Up by Handsome Devil (Justin goes easy on Eric)
  7. Turn to Gold by Vibrolux (Justin Kisses Eric )
  8. Love's Tender Fury by Megatrax (Emmet arrives at mansion)
  9. If My Friends Could See Me Now by Emmett (Emmet is alone in parlour )
  10. Pathways by Morgan Page (Brian is feeling his age )
  11. Quartet No. 13 Op. 29 by Franz Schubert (Burgers in the Limo )
  12. I'll Know by John Alcorn (Michael thinks Ben is his match )
  13. Rapture by iiO (Brian & Justin forget everyone else )
  14. The Man I Love (reprise) by John Alcorn (End Credits )
Episode 209
  1. Stand Still by Aubrey (Bath House/Babylon )
  2. The Enlightening by DJ Serious (Brian visits mom/basketball game)
  3. In The Chapel by The Music People (Brian goes to Church)
  4. Romantic Moment by Megatrax (Ted's condo - morning hard-on)
  5. Hot Stuff by Karaoke Singer (Woody's )
  6. Ben by Michael (Woody's/Outside - Ben and Michael )
  7. Music by Zeroid (Brian goes to confession )
  8. Get Off The Table Mabel by Bull Moose Jackson (Int. Debbie's Home - Michael brings home Ben )
  9. You Been Doin' To Him What I Wish You Were Doin' To Me by Bull Moose Jackson (Dinner at Debbie's house )
  10. Worship You by Raje (Babylon/back room )
  11. Break For Love (Friburn & Urik Tribal Mix) by The Pet Shop Boys (Michael's sure about Ben / Brian and Justin dancing at Babylon / End Credits )
Episode 210
  1. I Wanna Destroy You by The Soft Boys (Captain Astro is dead )
  2. Spring Song by Dvorak (Banquet hall - Mel &Lindsay taste food )
  3. Good News by Michelle Shocked (Mel & Lindsay fight about the wedding )
  4. Underwater by Delerium (Emmett introduces George to the gang )
  5. I Don't Want You by Wide Life (Emmett and George dance )
  6. Shades of Youth by Millenium Project (Linsay and Mel bicker over Newspaper )
  7. Take Me Somewhere Nice by Mogwai (Brian Gives Capt. Astro eulogy )
  8. Piano Medley by Mitch Magonet (Emmett meets George's Ex-wife )
  9. Lost by Jayn Hanna (Ben & Michael, candlelight vigil )
  10. Out of control by Chemical bros. (Brian ignores Justin's warning )
Episode 211
  1. Rebel by Girl Bikini Kill (Stagette -Mysterious Marilyn)
  2. You Make Me Feel Good (Love Machine Disco Filter Dub) by Pat Hodges (Woody's Brian wins a prize)
  3. Zouloumania by Music People (Michael buys the statue)
  4. Eddie's Beats by Eddie Baez (Brian has nothing to wear)
  5. Gimme The Beat by DJ Rage (Babylon)
  6. Comaphobia by Slapheadz (Brian in the tanning bed)
  7. Valse Lente by The Emperor's Quartet (George shows Emmett the room)
  8. Touch by Sarah McLachlan (Wedding Intro)
  9. Simple by kd lang (Wedding Extro )
  10. Let The Music Use You Up by Celeda (White Party - End Credits)
Episode 212
  1. Roll It Up by The_Crystal_Method (Babylon)
  2. Pineapple by Miguel Graca (Ted and Emmett at Rain)
  3. Breathe by Science Dept. (Ted, Emmett, Mel and Lindsay eat at Rain)
  4. Nothingness by Karmadelic (Woody's - Justin tells about Brian & Ben )
  5. My Ritual by The Folk Implosion (Michael at Rypt Gym )
  6. Intensify by Way Out West (Ted's in A-Gay heaven )
  7. Caracao Tambor by Ian Pooley (Ted bores the guests with his conversation )
  8. Falco Porn Music by Falco Porn Music (Debbie and Jennifer search the bath house )
  9. Purify by Balligomingo (Rain - Ted off the A-Gay list)
  10. Hide U (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix Edit) by Kosheen (Babylon, End Credits )
Episode 213
  1. Show Me Love by Valerie M (Woody's - Ted needs a big attraction)
  2. Dem Wicked Sounds by Axwell (Diner - Jennifer tells Justin the bad news)
  3. One Of The Girls by Divina Devore (Divina turns the boys down)
  4. This Is Our Sound by Ladytron (Jeep - Brian offers to help Justin)
  5. These Days by Ron Sexsmith (Diner - The boys discuss Debbie's flame)
  6. Caught Up by DJ Disciple (Babylon - Justin's wants to do it alone)
  7. I'm A Sex Machine by Orlando Careca (Justin looks for a new job )
  8. Absolutely Not (Hex Hector Mix) by Deborah Cox (Babylon - The Angel Ball)
  9. Cheek to Cheek by Divina Devore (Babylon - The Angel Ball)
  10. Here Nor There by Andy Stochansky (Int. Brian's Loft - Justin can take care of himself )
  11. Gold In Them Hills by Ron Sexsmith (End Credits)
Episode 214
  1. Dolphins (Desert's Mashed Mix) by S.O.L.I.S. (Babylon - Justin's working)
  2. True (The Faggot Is You) (Deep Dish Mix) by Morel (Emmett's finale / going away party)
  3. Autotomy by The Dears (Justin Working on Art Project)
  4. All My Life by Jim Witter (Debbie & Horvath have dinner)
  5. Blue Berry by Miguel Graca (Woody's)
  6. Exterminator by Primal Scream (Gary tries to loosen up Justin)
  7. Some of You Boys by Robin Black (Boys get pulled over)
  8. The Dope Show by Marilyn Manson (Gary shows Justin his place)
  9. Take Me To Heaven by Paul Goodyear (Justin and Brian in bed together / End Credits)
Episode 215
  1. Bang Bang (Eddie Baez 3 a.m. Mix) by Afro Cuban Band (Babylon - Michael & Justin doodling)
  2. Liar Song by Michael Chase (Diner - Michael convinces Justin to collaborate)
  3. Oh Yeah by Yello (Michael & Justin get inspiration for "Rage")
  4. Teenage Sensation by GusGus (Coming up with story ideas at the store / Brian in bed, waiting for Justin)
  5. Get Down by Black Market Audio (Michael & Justin hard at work)
  6. Cristal by kinnder (Brian is "pissed")
  7. BDL by kinnder (Loft/Diner - the boys discover the wreckage)
  8. Freedom (Andy & The Lamboy Progressive Club Mix) by Twelve Tone (Woodys - Michael & Justin angry with Brian)
  9. Cheezy Intro by Extreme Music (Porn Awards)
  10. Nanu Nanu by Extreme Music (Porn Awards)
  11. Cheezy Intro by Extreme Music (Porn Awards)
  12. Sucker by Peaches (Leda moves in )
  13. Oh Yeah by Yello (Rage is born/Tail credits)
Episode 216
  1. Star Guitar (Peter Heller's Expanded Mix) by The Chemical Brothers (Brian doesn't do birthdays)
  2. Put On Your Sunday Clothes by Reverend Brad & The Rainbow Voices (Emmett & the healing power of song)
  3. And Now…Bass by Konk West (Ted can't tell Luke the truth)
  4. C'etait Pour La Passion by The Dears (Michael tells boys about party)
  5. Monchico 3 (Evil P Remix) by Monchico (Ted tells the guys he lied)
  6. Love Is The Key by The Charlatans UK (Lindsay gives Brian a guilt trip)
  7. Scherzo Tarentella by H. Wienawsky perfomed by Lance Oullette (Justin gets cultured)
  8. Cold War by Kurt Swinghammer (Ted and Luke's quality time together)
  9. Scherzo Tarentella by H. Wienawsky perfomed by Lance Oullette (Brian gets Justin a gift after all)
  10. First Love by The Music People (Emmett greets guests "gay-sha" style)
  11. Shogun by The Music People (Guests arrive at Ben's party)
  12. Cantible by Paganini perfomed by Lance Oullette (Justin visits Ethan, sparks fly)
  13. Is And of The by K.C. Accidental (Ben explains his behavior / Justin thinks of someone >)
  14. Cantible by Paganini perfomed by Lance Oullette (Justin becomes a music afficionado)
  15. Poses by Rufus Wainwright (Brian stops to smell roses / End Credits )
Episode 217
  1. Ibiza (Manny's Tribal Mix) by V.I.P. (Babylon - Let's go away)
  2. Next Freak by Funk 198 (Babylon - Let's go away)
  3. Wank by Maow (Diner - Melanie & Lindsay's Sex Issues )
  4. Smooth Sailing by Freeplay Library (ATM Bank Machine )
  5. I Want You (For Myself) (Luke Fair remix) by k.o.t. (Woody's - 10 Million Dollars)
  6. Carbon Kid by Alpinestars (Brian's photo shoot)
  7. Perfidia Mambo by Mambo Mambo (Emmett has gifts for everyone)
  8. Taste In Men by Placebo (Makin' copies/arrival @ Harvard club )
  9. Winter by Tom Third (Mel, Linz, Leda & threeway of love )
  10. Ibiza (Manny's Tribal Mix) by V.I.P. (Outside Babylon - Boys gather)
  11. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy by Queen (Brian leaves alone / End Credits)
Episode 218
  1. Evolution Revolution by Tricky (Justin arrives home to find Brian with "catch of the day")
  2. Overtone Singing by Yuri Gorbachow (Ben Cooks Tibetan dinner )
  3. Le Tambourin Chinois by Chinois Kreisler as perfomed by Lance Oullette (Daphne & Justin run into Ethan)
  4. The Best Things by Filter (Brian's answer to "did you miss me?" )
  5. Jazz Club by Steve Gray (Justin & Ethan have a picnic on the floor )
  6. Body by Blue Pill (Ted & Mel try to get Emmett to settle )
  7. Patricia by Flashlight Brown (Debbie finds out about Ben )
  8. Sofa Rockers by Sofa Surfers (Justin tries to convince Brian to have a romantic evening )
  9. Get Me Off by Basement Jaxx (Brian gets inspiration in the back room at Babylon )
  10. Pre Ludio by J.S.Bach as perfomed by Lance Oullette (Ethan practices, Justin shows up to collect his song )
  11. Meditation from Thais by J. Massenett as performed by Lance Ouellette (Ethan plays for Justin)
  12. Lovesong by The Cure (Justin and Ethan / End Credits )
Episode 219
  1. Hiphopunkfunkmamboska by P.I.C. (Ted loves his work )
  2. Summertime Nashville by Beau Randall (Debbie defends gay bowlers)
  3. Without You I'm Nothing by Placebo (Brian follows Justin into the shower)
  4. Le Tambourin by Chinois (Michael finds out about Justin and Ethan)
  5. Cabaret (part two) by Morel (Brian learns what really turns Ted on)
  6. Rock'n Roll Duty by Kim Mitchell (Bowling alley - The Liberty Balls practice)
  7. Surrender by The Chemical Brothers (Brian For A Day - fantasy version )
  8. 44xx by Noah Frank & Mark de Breyne (Torso - Ted thanks Brian, returns bracelet)
  9. Surrender by The Chemical Brothers (Brian For A Day - reality )
  10. 44xx by Noah Frank & Mark de Breyne (Torso - Emmett consoles Ted )
  11. Werkin (B-side) by Guido Osario (Babylon - Michael tries to talk to Brian about Justin )
  12. Pre Ludio by J.S.Bach as perfomed by Lance Oullette (Intercut - Justin and Ethan )
  13. Sweet City Woman by Stampeders (Bowling alley - cops and queers)
  14. Free Ride by The Edgar Winter Group (Bowling Alley )
  15. Unbelievable by EMF (Bowling Alley - Ben's unbelievable )
  16. Alive (Calderone House Mix) by Kevin Aviance (Post game drinks & straight kissing at Woody's)
  17. Marscarter (Morel's pink noise remix) by BLH III (Brian takes Justin on)
  18. Plenty (Fade Mix) by Sarah McLachlan (Aftermath / End Credits)
Episode 220
  1. Bostonion by Gavin Froome Ript (Gym - Michael tells Ben's news)
  2. B B My Baby by Mike Shepstone (Torso - Ted & Emmett)
  3. En Fuite by Jerome (Ted tells Emmett about his feelings )
  4. I Don't Understand It by Ultra Naté (Vic understands what Ben's going through)
  5. 5th Ascent by Lance Oulette (Ethan won't play 2nd fiddle to Brian )
  6. A Te, O Cara (from I Puritani) by Bellini (Emmett lets Ted down easy )
  7. Shining Star by Noah's Art (Ben leaves the Diner)
  8. Everyday (Hex Hector & Mac Quayle Club Mix) by Kim English (The gang arrives @ Babylon )
  9. Gayopolis Theme by Mitch Magonet (Rage is on stage )
  10. Wonderland by Psychedelic Waltons (Brian, Justin & Michael )
  11. Infected (Mark's Basstoy Mix) by Barthezz (Emmett sees Ted in a new light )
  12. Harder, Better, Faster, Stonger (Pete Heller's Stylus Remix) by Daft Punk (Ben decides not to go away )
  13. Human Behaviour (The Underworld Mix) by Björk (Justin leaves with Ethan / End Credits )

Season 3Edit

Episode 301
  1. Show Me (Michael T. Diamond Mix) by Suzanne Palmer (Back to Babylon )
  2. Anon by Capitol K (Justin in loft packing and remembers living w/Brian.)
  3. The Magic Touch by The Platters (Ted prepares the "toys" for Emmett)
  4. Loves On Fire by Tiësto (Babylon/Brian and Michael dance)
  5. The Nothing Song ~ AKA ~ njosnavelin by Sigur Rós (Brian & Hustler/Closing Credits)
Episode 302
  1. Etude No. 3 "La Campanella" by Paganini (Ethan plays on the street )
  2. Right before my Eyes by The Snitches (Brian on computer )
  3. Let's Get Intimate (Jamie's Carnival Mix by Body 2 Body (Underwear party )
  4. Woman (early remix) by MIA. (Babylon-Brian dances alone/End Credits )
Episode 303
  1. Infra Riot by The Soundtrack of our Lives (Brian buys Corvette )
  2. A Miracle by The Hidden Cameras (Justin & Ethan in Apt. )
  3. Newton's Apple by Danny Michel (Justin & Ethan in Apt. )
  4. Brother Down by Sam Roberts (Brian & Michael get high )
  5. Watching You (Non Vocal Club Mix) by DJ Darkzone (Into to Carnival )
  6. Infra Riot by The Soundtrack of our Lives (Brian takes trick for a ride/End Credits )
Episode 304
  1. Requiem by Luciano Pavarotti (Ted & Emmett have dinner at home )
  2. Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) by Four Tops (Watching the movers )
  3. Native Love (Step By Step, Original) by Divine (Emmett Cooking )
  4. Safe From Harm (Peter Rauhofer Mix) by Narcotic Thrust (Brian and Ted talking at Babylon)
  5. The Sound Of Violence (Dancefloor Killa Mix) by Cassius (Final Scene )
Episode 305
  1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Dwight Yoakum (Michael, Lindsay and Mel waiting at clinic )
  2. Scherzo-Tarantelle Op. 16 by Henryk Wieniawski (Ethan plays at Heifetz Competiton )
  3. Come On To My House by Rosemary Clooney (Jen shows Ted & Emmett houses )
  4. Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Dwight Yoakum (Michael runs to Mel & Lindsay's house )
  5. Barbie Girl by Aqua (Babylon (Emmett and Ted discuss houses, etc.))
  6. Headstrong (Relentless Vocal Mix) by Tilt (End Credits)
Episode 306
  1. Stars and Sons by Broken Social Scene (Brian and Michael in loft)
  2. Piano Concerto No.5 by Ludwig Van Beethoven (Justin sees Ethan's true colors )
  3. Sola Sistim by Underworld (Woody's/Brian & Justin/End Credits )
Episode 307
  1. From The Inside (Junior Vasquesz Mix) by Gioia Bruno (Babylon Backroom/Brian and Jusitn/End Credits )
Episode 308
  1. Loretta Young Silks by Sneaker Pimps (Justin @ Daphne's/Missing Brian)
  2. Mr. Lonely by Deborah Cox (Babylon/Justin's looking for Brian)
  3. Never (Tiesto Mix) by The Roc Project (Babylon/Brian & Justin at bar (Justin: "Oh, I love this song.") )
  4. Lover's Spit by Broken Social Scene (Brian & Justin makeup/End Credits )
Episode 309
  1. Viva Columbia (Cha Cha) by Namtrak Vs. Chris Zippel (Opening Scene at Babylon)
  2. Fly Again by Kristine W (Brian and Justin head for the Backroom )
  3. It Just Won't Do by Tim Deluxe (Woody's/Jacob-Stripper )
  4. Disco Inferno by The Trammps (Woody's/Matthew-Stripper )
  5. For the Music (Guido Osorio Mix) by Colourful Karma (Woody's/Brian playing darts )
  6. Weapon by Matthew Good Band (Brian and Justin in bed )
  7. Rough Boys by Pete Townsend (Brian with trick/End Credits )
Episode 310
  1. Some Lovin (Peter Rauhofer) by Kristine W VS Murk (Brian & Justin Dancing @ Babylon )
  2. Mandolin Concerto in C Major by Antonio Vivaldi (Ted driving to "Paradise" )
  3. Mellow by Tricky (Ted in motel, getting high)
  4. Walking On Thin Ice (Danny Tangalia Mix) by Yoko Ono (Babylon/Backroom closed )
  5. Walking On Thin Ice (Danny Tangalia Mix) by Yoko Ono (Brian helps Justin/End credits )
Episode 311
  1. Love's Gonna Save The Day by Georgie Porgie (Woody's )
  2. Bangin' On by Johnny Marr & the Healers (Brian and Justin at the loft, talk about the new Stockwell poster )
  3. Ready To Go by Republica (Brian and Justin having sex at the loft )
  4. The One You Wanted by Howie Beck (Brian and Debbie getting high )
  5. At The End (Scumfrog Remix) by iiO (Babylon/Emmett and Michael look for Ted )
  6. Battleflag by Lofidelity All Stars (Babylon/Brian takes back the backroom/End Credits )
Episode 312
  1. Baby's Got A Temper (Main Mix) by The Prodigy (Babylon/Backroom closed again)
  2. Queen Of The Night Aria by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Emmett cleaning windows )
  3. I'm Afraid of Britney Spears by Bif Naked (Comic book store/Brian meets Hunter )
  4. Santa Maria(Del Buen Ayre) by Gotan Project (Brian's loft/”Party” )
  5. SmallTown Boy/Run Away by Bronski Beat's (Bar/Brian talks to cop )
  6. Queen Of The Night Aria by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Ted and Emmett drinking wine )
  7. Future Proof by Massive Attack (Bar/Brian & Justin/ Michael & Ben worry/Hunter picks up Cop/End Credits )
Episode 313
  1. Touched by Vast (Ted's “Party” )
  2. Hungry (DJ Tiesto Mix) by Kosheen (Woody's/Brian & Justin/End Credits )
Episode 314
  1. Feeling Good by Muse (Opening scene/Cops on Liberty Ave. )
  2. Sweet Sweet 69 by The Comas (Mel and Linds having sex )
  3. Tight (Thick Dick Vocal Mix) by INXS (Babylon/Brian and Emmett dancing ) (Ted wakes up to see a porn of himself)
  4. Where Do I Begin by Chemical Brothers w/Beth Orton
  5. True Faith (Pet Shop Boys Remix) by New Order (Celebration/End Credits )

Season 4Edit

Episode 401
  1. What I Did For Love by Steve Lawrence (Shanda Leer sings)
  2. Haven't I Cried Enough by Widelife (Brian and Justin at Babylon)
  3. There'll Be Some Changes Made by Mildred Bailey (Shanda Leer sings)
  4. Cry Me A River by Julie London (Shanda Leer sings)
  5. I Only Have Eyes for You by Helen Forrest (Brian starts his own agency. Top clients are the first to know)
  6. Shelter [Boris & Beck Dark mix] by Ann Nesby (Justin and Brian at Woody's. Kinnetik.)
  7. Great Day by Lena Horne (Brian excepts help and says thank you. Darren gets bitten up)
Episode 402
  1. Sonny Makes Me Sunny by Andrea Menard (Justin at Darren's)
  2. Sex by Robbie Rivera (Brian offers ad compaign at leather sex shop)
  3. Love Of The Loveless by Eels (Blake gives Ted his phonenumber)
  4. C' Mon by Junior Senior (Fairy's naked volleyball)
  5. Sex by Robbie Rivera (Brian offers ad compaign at gym)
  6. White Rabbit by Collide (Fairy Emmett eats a mushroom)
  7. Welcome to my head by Thunderpuss & Barnes (Blake and Ted at Diner/Justin draws violence)
  8. Mundian To Bach Ke by Panjabi MC (One ad you'll never see/Babylon, Emmett dances/Fairy photos)
  9. Get It to Go by To My Surprise (Ready to kick some straight ass/End credits)
Episode 403
  1. Largo al factotum (Barber Of Seville) by Gioachino Rossini (Audition for a job. Some guy sings)
  2. Che gelida manina (La Boheme) by Giacomo Puccini (Audition for a job. Theodor sings)
  3. Special Needs by Placebo (Justin puts on pink tshirt)
  4. The Cedar Room by Doves (Brian at the baths)
  5. Vesti La Giubba (Pagliacci) by Ruggero Leoncavallo (Theodor sings as singing waiter)
  6. La Donna Mobile (Rigoletto) by Giuseppe Verdi (Ted sings in front of the gang)
  7. Junk Odyssey by ECT (Pink Posse on patrol)
  8. You Don't Appreciate Me [Peter Rauhofer Mix] by Amuka (Babylon. Emmett, Mike and Brian)
  9. Wasting My Time [Decoder And Substance Mix] by Kosheen (Emmett makes up with Micheal)
  10. Understanding The New Violence by Uncut (End Credits)
Episode 404
  1. In The Bath by Lemon Jelly (Brian and Justin fighting for topping)
  2. Scream by Ima Robot (Brian and Micheal playing pool)
  3. I Wanna Be Loved By You by Marilyn Monroe (Debby, Micheal, Ben, Hunter watch "Some Like It Hot")
  4. La Donna Mobile (Rigoletto) by Giuseppe Verdi (Ted sings in front of the gang)
  5. Rockstar by N.E.R.D (Justin and Cody baiting straight couple)
  6. You Come In Burned by The Dandy Warhols (End Credits)
Episode 405
  1. Strobe's Nanafushi by Kodo (Babylon. Fight dance. Brian quotes Hamlet.)
  2. 7 Minutes by Circlesquare (Justin meditates on target/Daphne talks to Brian/End Credits)
Episode 406
  1. Six Million Ways To Live (Paul Daley Vocal Mix) by Dub Pistols (Brian and Justin at Babylon. A bet.)
  2. Baby Blue by The Warlocks (Ben talks to Justin at comic store)
  3. Good To Go by Organic Audio (Brian and Justin at gym)
  4. Train by Goldfrapp (Justin hits on the bet guy at Woody's)
  5. Christmas Song by Mogwai (Emmett reads Ted's make-amends-letter/Brian at backroom)
  6. Sex Drums and Alcohol [Piliavin And Zimbardo Remix] by London 909 (End Credits)
Episode 407
  1. I Try [Peter Rauhofer's Reconstruction] by Made By Monkeys (Babylon/Brian's testicle graphics)
  2. Statement by Gentleman Reg (Justin and Brian read fortunes)
  3. Joy To The World by Anne Murray (Debby's pulling out Christmas stuff)
  4. Shade of Blue by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Ted comes to Babylon for crystalmeth)
  5. Tribal Function by Angel Moraes (Ted gets the drug/Justin and Em talk about Brian)
  6. Nuthin' Ain't Bad by Singapore Sling (Brian comes home to find Justin with two more guys)
  7. ? (Brian and Micheal talk about death at Brian's loft)
  8. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee (Shanda Leer sings at Christmas party)
  9. O Come All Ye Faithful by Anne Murray (Debby puts an angel on the top of Christmas tree)
  10. I Know It's You by The Crystal Method (Brian on a surgery table/End Credits)
Episode 408
  1. Deep Dark Jungle by Victor Calderone & Mauro MBS (Babylon/Brian comes in and finds Vic)
  2. Y.M.C.A. by Village People (Babylon full of old geezers)
  3. Watch by Controller.Controller (Brian gives Justin a lift)
  4. Microtonic Wave by Pinback (Justin and Micheal having dinner with Brett)
  5. Stolen [John Selway Mix] by Secret Society (Brian in a working meeting)
  6. Don't Stop by Tall Blonde (Lins at Sam's drawing him)
  7. Time [Scumfrog Mix] by Murk (Brett meets Brian at Babylon)
  8. Primitive (The Way I Treat You) by Ambulance LTD (Brian and Micheal smoke and talk)
  9. Attitude by Suede (End credits)
Episode 409
  1. If I Were A Man by Andrea Menard (Darren reherse, Em comes)
  2. Man In The Middle by The Proles (Micheal and Hunter at a comic books store)
  3. ? (Em and Debby at Woody's)
  4. I Walk The Earth by King Biscuit Time (Chicken soup/End credits)
Episode 410
  1. On Parade by Electrelane (Justin and Micheal at comic book store)
  2. ? (Ted and Em at Diner)
  3. Satellite by TV On The Radio (Brian in steam room)
  4. St. Petersburg by The Uncut (Ben and his admirer Entony drink wine)
  5. Sanctuary by Origene (Babylon. Brian comes up.)
  6. Can't Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon (Ben and Micheal dance/End credits)
Episode 411
  1. Right Tool For The Job by Guitar Shorty (Emmett and Debby at Diner)
  2. Three Times A Lady by Lionel Richie (Carl and Debby talking at police ball)
  3. Playing In The Distance by Grand National (Ted and Justin gather signers for the Liberty ride)
  4. Rock Your Body, Rock by Ferry Corsten (Brian talks to Jeffrey)
  5. U Need Love by Bellagio (Emmett, Debby and Ted at Diner. Tickets for the game)
  6. Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation (Football game)
  7. Where Shall I Turn [Kruder & Dorfmeister Mix] by Sin ('Brian and Jeffrey discuss champaign)
  8. Hear Me Out by Frou Frou (Emmett waits for Drew in a hotel room)
  9. You Are My Joy by The Reindeer Section (End credits)
Episode 412
  1. Sore by Wintersleep (Hunter with his girlfriend)
  2. Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! by Joe Jaxon (Hunter and Micheal in comic book store)
  3. True Grit by The Crystal Method (Brian and Justing fucking)
  4. I'm The Main Man by Jason Nevins (Babylon at Emmett's dream)
  5. Clementine by Tallis (Spinner class)
  6. Get Loose by The Salads (Spinner class speeding up)
  7. ? (Brian at Diner)
  8. Get Free by The Vines (Brian at a spinner/End Credits)
Episode 413
  1. ? by Made By Monkeys (Brian sneaks out of bed)
  2. White Lightning by The Premiums (Justin helps Brian to visualize goal/Spinner class)
  3. Bliss by Syntax (Justin and Brian at Brian's loft)
  4. I Love I Love by Georgie Porgie (Emmett and Debby pack food for the ride)
  5. Don't Stop Movin' by Livin' Joy (Farewell speech for the ride)
  6. Hello? Is This Thing On? by !!! (Justin arrives to Brett's place in Hollywood)
  7. Hollywood by Paranoid Jack (The gang walks down Torronto street)
  8. Solid Gold by Dan Sampson & Jhereal (Brian appears at Moosie's)
  9. Male Stripper by Man 2 Man Meets Man Parish (Striping dance at Moosie's)
  10. Fantastic Day by Haircut 100 (Micheal and Ben got married/Liberty ride starts/End Credits)
Episode 414
  1. Sunshine by Simian (All are on bicycles)
  2. Death To Death by Stars (Brett and Justin at a restaurant in Hollywood)
  3. Wonderful Life by Black (Brian bicycles with one hand in the ride)
  4. Oh Happy Day by Sister Act (Ted and Emmett find the rest of riders)
  5. ? (Emmett and Ted at Diner)
  6. 2 Make The Things Alright [Hard Style Mix] by White Side (Brian and Vic meet in Brian's dream)
  7. Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Me First And The Gimme Gimmes (Micheal and Ben in bed/End Credits)

Season 5Edit

Episode 501
  1. Devil Inside by Utada Hikaru (Brian and Micheal at Babylon)
  2. More Lemonade [Scissor Sisters Sticky Tits Mix] by Bucci Bag (Justin and Brian on the phone)
  3. Jin Go La Ba by Fatboy Slim (Brian in Babylon before it's beeing closed)
  4. (Reach Up For The) Sunrise by Duran Duran (End Credits)
Episode 502
  1. Hardcore Mutha Fucka by DV Roxx (Brian reopens Babylon)
  2. The Skins by Scissor Sisters (Justin at a party in Hollywood)
  3. Look Who's Cryin Now by Jacynthe (Ted at Barber's)
  4. Bridal Chorus by Richard Wagner (Emmett arranges wedding)
  5. Dive [Chris Cox Club Anthem] by Debby Holiday (Emmett and Brian at Popperz)
  6. The Sound by Voxlab (How was your flight?)
  7. Look Who's Cryin Now by Jacynthe (Justin complains about Hollywood at Diner)
  8. Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous by RuPaul (Ted in front of a mirror)
  9. Here Comes Another One by Groove Terminator (Brian and Justin fuck)
  10. Fever by Superpitcher (End Credits)
Episode 503
  1. Don't Get Your Hopes Up by The Elected (Show at Babylon)
  2. Got The Feeling by Enzo Mori & Stephen Clark (Brian, Ted and Justin at bar in Babylon)
  3. Fed Up by Kayle (Ted and Emmett, Justin and Debby at Diner)
  4. Valentine by The Sun (Brian and Justin at Brian's loft)
  5. Acid Fixx by Paranoid Jack (Line to the Babylon)
  6. Halfway There by The Special Guests (Debby trains Loretta at Diner)
  7. ? (Guys in gym)
  8. Stand Up [Audiowhores Edit Mix] by Loleatta Holloway (Micheal, Ben and Brian at Woody's)
  9. Make You Love Me [Tara's Pumpin' Club Mix] by Fierce & Coppola (Micheal brings his mother flowers)
  10. Got The Feeling by Enzo Mori & Stephen Clark (Brian, Ted and Justin at bar in Babylon)
  11. Attention [Jan Driver Remix] by Commander Tom (End Credits)
Episode 504
  1. Personal Jesus by Marilyn Manson (Brian, Justin and another couple in bed)
  2. Who Knows by Marion Black (Custody letters arrive)
  3. Birdsong by The Golden Dogs (Ted and Emmett at Diner)
  4. Save the World by Burdocks (Brian and Micheal at comic book store)
  5. How Would U Feel by David Morales & Lea-Lorien (Debbie and Loretta at Woody's)
  6. Joint Is Jumpin by D1 (Superheros show in Babylon/Mel alone/Micheal and Ben with baby/End Credits)
Episode 505
  1. ? (Good Evening, Mr Taylor)
  2. The Lick [Original] by Piliavin (VIP lounge at Babylon)
  3. Who's Ya Daddy? by Gerling (Passing the baby)
  4. Awake The Unkind by Unkle (Hunter passes through the schoolmates crowd)
  5. Toccata (Suite Gothique) by Christopher Herrick (Ted is hiding at his place)
  6. Police Dogs Bonfire by Lazyboy (Justin cooks)
  7. Lesbians On Ecstasy by Bitchsy (Ted and Emmett at dyke bar)
  8. Drumspeak by Paranoid Jack (Ben and Brian in the gym)
  9. Hold Your Head Up High [Jeff Poirier Club Mix] by Inaya Day (Emmett and Brian at Babylon)
  10. ? (Micheal and Ben at bar)
  11. Want by Jacknife Lee (Justin writes NEVER in a comic bubble/End Credits)
Episode 506
  1. The Look [D. Ramirez Mix] by Steve Angello (Babylon. Brian beeing rejected)
  2. More And More by Astrid Suryanto & Dave Micalizzi (Justin and Brian choose a housewarming gift)
  3. Can't Stop This Feeling by Saint Pete (Troy and Ted in the gym)
  4. My Beautiful Friend [Lionrock Mix] by The Charlatans UK (Brian follows Brendon to bathroom)
  5. Intravenus Spiral by Atomic Cyanide (Debby at Diner)
  6. Love Is All We Need by Richard Grey (Housewarming party)
  7. Satisfaction by Benny Benassi (Brian and Brendon at sex party)
  8. Going Nowhere by Cut Copy (End Credits)
Episode 507
  1. Touch It [Wally Lopez Weekend Remix] by Holly James (Babylon. Brian hears about Brendon)
  2. Lakme, opera! Viens, Mallika by Leo Delibes (Ted with Troy)
  3. Where Love Lives by Fierce & Jez (Ted, Emmett and Brian in the gym)
  4. Shatter The Lovely by Marmoset (Justin and Micheal at the comic book store)
  5. The Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner (Ted and Troy)
  6. The Love You Bring Me by Carl Kennedy (Ted and Emmett)
  7. Ride It by Geri Halliwell (Ted and Troy at Babylon)
  8. In It For The Money by Client (Brian bars Brendon from Babylon)
  9. Groove Me by Fern Kinney (Ted, Emmett and Brain at Woody's/Brendon and Brian start a competition)
  10. You Are My Sunshine by Stine J (Brian walks the street/End Credits)
Episode 508
  1. Come Inside by The Chemical Brothers (Brian Brendon competition goes on)
  2. Sing Out by Pete Lorimer (Brian and Brendon in bar)
  3. Cause I Know [Ian Carey mix] by Tyler Durden (Brian and Brendon in bar. Checking scores)
  4. Signs Of Change [Vocal Mix] by Gasp (Ben inquires about Hunter)
  5. What's Your Name by Darren Wilsey (Emmett and Brian at Diner)
  6. Flashdance [Original Mix] by Deep Dish (Brian claims winning the competition)
  7. Drama [Dramatic Soul Mix] by Soul Theory (Babylon. Brendon is back to club/End Credits)
Episode 509
  1. Love Is For Hire by The Telepathic Butterflies (Guys at Diner)
  2. Sender by Pinback (Jennifer tells Justin about Tucker)
  3. Blue Monk by Thelonious Monk (Debby comes to Brian's loft)
  4. Blue Water by Black Rock (Ted looks for a jewish boyfriend)
  5. Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation (Emmett and Drew)
  6. Blue Water by Black Rock (Justin and Jennifer at Diner)
  7. Sacred Stones by Sheila Chandra (Brian contemplates Babylon and dreams of Micheal)
  8. Tunes Of Nirvana by Dimas & Ferrero (Ted and Brian at Babylon)
  9. Genius And The Thieves by Eluvium (Anything for a friend/End Credits)
Episode 510
  1. Falling by Paper Moon (Justin and Debby/Ted and Lewis talk at Diner)
  2. Lover I Don't Have To Love by Bright Eyes (Brian sees Justin on the street/Brian drives away)
  3. So Many Times [Deep-T's Sans Serif Mix] by Gadjo (Micheal and Ben at Diner)
  4. One Day (Superstar) by Mach 747 (People gather for stop-prop-14 event)
  5. Shine [Babylon Mix Exclusive] by Cyndi Lauper (Cyndi Lauper performs )
Episode 511
  1. We Drink On The Job by Earlimart (Brian at Justin's place)
  2. Street Survivor by The Flaming Sideburns (Brian and Justin in a car)
  3. 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong by Mogwai (Justin says Yes/End Credits)
Episode 512
  1. I Only Want You by Eagles Of Death Metal (Justin and Brian at Brian's loft)
  2. Summer Moon by Africanism Allstars (Ted and Emmett at Woody's)
  3. Dance Me To The End Of Love by Madeleine Peyroux (Ted and Tad)
  4. Honestly, Trudy by Femme Generation (Brian and Micheal in a comic book store)
  5. All The Rest Are Boring by The Local Division (Linz talks to Justin about NY)
  6. Free [Jason Nevins Dub] by Ultra Naté (Ted and Drew show up together in Popperz)
  7. Just Nothing by Dan Kirchner (Emmett talks to Drew at Woody's)
  8. This Mess We're In by PJ Harvey (Brian reads an article of Justin's art/End Credits)
Episode 513
  1. Sleep by The Dandy Warhols (Who would have believed)
  2. ? (Ted and Emmett at the gym)
  3. Green Gold by Spiritual South (Passing the baby)
  4. ? (Ted and Tad at Woody's)
  5. Wetter by Thick Dick (Brian refuses to go after a hot go-go boy)
  6. The Californian by Sunday's Best (Diner)
  7. Jazz Potato by Mr. Scruff (Rehersal dinner)
  8. Half a Mile Away [Scotty K's Vocal Club Mix] by Debby Holiday (Ted's birthday at ski camp)
  9. Ambition by Doves (Brian and Justin making love)
  10. Proud [Peter Presta QAF Mix Exclusive] by Heather Small (Brian and Micheal dance in Babylon/End Credits)==Other Songs==
  11. Let's Hear It For The Boy
  12. Proud
  13. You Think You're A Man (7" Radio Edit)