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Season OneEdit

The PilotEdit

The Wild BrunchEdit

Poison IvyEdit

Bad News BlairEdit

Dare DevilEdit

The Handmaiden's TaleEdit

Victor, VictrolaEdit

Seventeen CandlesEdit

Blair Waldorf Must PieEdit

Hi, SocietyEdit

Roman HolidayEdit

School LiesEdit

The Thin Line Between Chuck and NateEdit

The Blair B*tch ProjectEdit

Desperately Seeking SerenaEdit

All About My BrotherEdit

Woman on the VergeEdit

Much "I Do" About NothingEdit

Season TwoEdit

Summer, Kind of WonderfulEdit

Never Been MarcusedEdit

The Dark NightEdit

The Ex FilesEdit

The Serena Also RisesEdit

New Haven Can WaitEdit

Chuck in Real LifeEdit


There Might Be BloodEdit

Bonfire of the VanityEdit

The Magnificent ArchibaldsEdit

It's a Wonderful LieEdit

O Brother, Where Bart Thou?Edit

In the Realm of the BassesEdit

Gone with the WillEdit

You've Got Yale!Edit

Carrnal KnowledgeEdit

The Age of DissonanceEdit

The GrandfatherEdit

Remains of the JEdit

Seder AnythingEdit

Southern Gentlemen Prefer BlondesEdit

The Wrath of ConEdit

Valley GirlsEdit

The Goodbye Gossip GirlEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Reversals of FortuneEdit

The FreshmanEdit

The Lost BoyEdit

Dan de FleuretteEdit

Rufus Getting MarriedEdit

Enough About EveEdit

How to Succeed in BassnessEdit

The Grandfather: Part IIEdit

They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?Edit

The Last Days of Disco StickEdit

The Treasure of Serena MadreEdit

The DebartedEdit

The Hurt LocketEdit

The Lady VanishedEdit

The Sixteen Year Old VirginEdit

The Empire Strikes JackEdit

Inglourious BassterdsEdit

The Unblairable Lightness of BeingEdit

Dr. EstrangelovedEdit

It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad WorldEdit

Ex-Husbands and WivesEdit

Last Tango, Then ParisEdit

Season FourEdit

Belles de JourEdit

Double IdentityEdit

The UndergraduatesEdit

Touch of EvaEdit

Goodbye, ColumbiaEdit

Easy JEdit

War at the RosesEdit

Juliet Doesn't Live Here AnymoreEdit

The Witches of BushwickEdit


The TownieEdit

The Kids Are Not AlrightEdit

Damien DarkoEdit

Panic RoommateEdit

It-Girl Happened One NightEdit

While You Weren't SleepingEdit

Empire of the SonEdit

The Kids Stay in the PictureEdit

Petty in PinkEdit

The Princesses and the FrogEdit

Shattered BassEdit

The Wrong GoodbyeEdit

Season FiveEdit

Yes, Then ZeroEdit

Beauty and the FeastEdit

The Jewel of DenialEdit

Memoirs of an Invisible DanEdit

The Fasting and the FuriousEdit

I Am Number NineEdit

The Big Sleep No MoreEdit

All the Pretty SourcesEdit

Rhodes to PerditionEdit

Riding in Town Cars with BoysEdit

The End of the Affair?Edit

Father and the BrideEdit


The Backup DanEdit

Crazy, Cupid, LoveEdit