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Unrequited Love

This song is by Lykke Li and appears on the album Wounded Rhymes (2011).

Once again it's happening
Oh this love is unrequited
Twice the pain the suffering
Oh my love is unrequited
Oh my love is unrequited

That must mean I'll live again
And get back what I gave my men
Get back what I lost to them

Oh the shame this crying game
Oh my love I've been denied it
Oh my love is unrequited

And I know it so well. I could play it by ear.
Looking back at myself, while the violin plays
And blue is my tune. Another stitch to my wound.
Another inch in this dwell, and I know it all too well
When once again it's happening:

Oh our love has gone divided
Oh my love is unrequited

Written by:

Lykke Li and Björn Yttling

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