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​Brotherhood Of The Goat

This song is by Lux Ferre and appears on the album Antichristian War Propaganda (2004).

Glorious Father of Evil
Together we feast Thy Rebellion
The Underground cries in full
Adoration of Satan

Bestial Lord of Terror
The Brotherhood of the Goat
Invokes Thee
Oh Divine Abomination of Hell

Brotherhood of the Goat

Come forth and take what is yours
Come forth, impious Assassin
Drink the blood of our child
Which we offer in sacrifice

Arise! Reborn through our flesh
See through our eyes
We are the embodiment of Hate
We kill the servants of Christ

The legion is gathered
The prophecy of Doom
Thy will be done, Father!
Salt in their wounds

The Brotherhood
In full adoration of Satan
We are the embodiment of Legion