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Bad News Is Coming (1972)Edit

Luther Allison - Bad News Is Coming

Bad News Is Coming

  1. Little Red Rooster
  2. Evil Is Going On
  3. Raggedy and Dirty
  4. Rock Me Baby
  5. Bad News Is Coming
  6. Cut You A-Loose
  7. Dust My Broom
  8. The Stumble
  9. Sweet Home Chicago
  10. It's Been a Long Time
  11. Take My Love (I Want to Give It All to You)

Luther's Blues (1974)Edit

Luther Allison - Luther's Blues

Luther's Blues

  1. Luther's Blues
  2. Someday Pretty Baby
  3. Easy Baby
  4. Part Time Love
  5. Now You Got It
  6. K.T.
  7. Let's Have a Little Talk
  8. Driving Wheel
  9. Into My Life
    2001 Bonus Tracks
  10. San-Ho-Zay
  11. Bloomington Closing (Early Version)
  12. Medley: I'm Gonna Miss My Baby/Bad News Is Coming/The Thrill Is Gone (Live 1973/Ann Arbor Blues Festival)

Night Life (1976)Edit

Luther Allison - Night Life

Night Life

  1. Turn Back the Hands of Time
  2. I Can Make It Thru the Day (But Oh Those Lonely Nights)
  3. The Bum Is Mine
  4. Hollywood Be Thy Name
  5. That's What Love Will Make You Do
  6. Night Life
  7. Full Speed Ahead
  8. Cross-Cut Saw
  9. Bloomington Closing

Standing at the Crossroad (1977)Edit

Luther Allison - Standing at the Crossroad

Standing at the Crossroad

  1. Love Me Papa
  2. Goin' Down (Take 1)
  3. Blues With a Feeling
  4. It's Too Late
  5. Standing at the Crossroad
  6. Key to the Highway
  7. Last Night
  8. Feelin' So Good (Take 1)
  9. Luther's Boogie
  10. Goin' Down (Take 4)
  11. Feelin' So Good (Take 2)

Time (1980)Edit

Luther Allison - Time


  1. Time
  2. Give It All
  3. Down south
  4. I Can't Tell You What to Do
  5. Compromizing for Your Needs
  6. It's partyin'time
  7. You're Doing a Super Homework  
  8. Just My Guitar and Me

Serious (1987)Edit

Luther Allison - Serious


  1. Backtrack
  2. Life Is a Bitch
  3. Reaching Out
  4. Parking Lot
  5. Serious
  6. Just Memories
  7. Should I Wait
  8. Show Me a Reason
  9. Let's Try Again
  10. We're on the Road

Soul Fixin' Man (1994)Edit

Luther Allison - Soul Fixin' Man

Soul Fixin' Man

  1. Bad Love
  2. I Want to Know
  3. Soul Fixin' Man
  4. Middle of the Road
  5. She Was Born That Way
  6. Gave It All
  7. You Been Teasin' Me
  8. Nobody but You
  9. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  10. The Things I Used to Do
  11. Love String
  12. Freedom

Blue Streak (1995)Edit

Luther Allison - Blue Streak

Blue Streak

  1. All the King's Horses
  2. What Have I Done Wrong?
  3. Big City
  4. Move From the 'Hood
  5. What's Going on in My Home?
  6. I Believe in You
  7. Cherry Red Wine
  8. Walking Papers
  9. Think With Your Heart
  10. You Don't Know
  11. Should I Wait?
  12. Midnight Creeper

Where Have You Been? Live in Montreux 1976-1994 (1996)Edit

Luther Allison - Where Have You Been? Live in Montreux 1976-1994

Where Have You Been? Live in Montreux 1976-1994

  1. Introduction
  2. Gamblers Blues
  3. Sweet Home Chicago
  4. Same Thing
  5. Little Red Rooster
  6. Sky Is Crying
  7. Back Down South
  8. Memories
  9. Spontaneous Improvisation
  10. Bad News Is Coming
  11. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  12. Bad Love
  13. Audience

Reckless (1997)Edit

Luther Allison - Reckless


  1. Low Down and Dirty
  2. You Can Run but You Can't Hide
  3. Living in the House of the Blues
  4. You Can, You Can
  5. Will It Ever Change?
  6. Just as I Am
  7. There Comes a Time
  8. Drowning at the Bottom
  9. Playin' a Losing Game
  10. It's a Blues Thing
  11. Cancel My Check
  12. Pain in the Streets
  13. You're Gonna Make Me Cry
  14. I'm Back

Live in Chicago (1999)Edit

Luther Allison - Live in Chicago

Live in Chicago

CD 1
  1. Intro
  2. Soul Fixin' Man
  3. Cherry Red Wine
  4. Move from the 'Hood
  5. Bad Love
  6. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  7. Big City
  8. Give Me Back My Wig
  9. It Hurts Me Too
  10. Medley:
    1. Gambler's Blues
    2. Sweet Little Angel
CD 2
  1. Party Time
  2. All the King's Horses
  3. What Have I Done Wrong?
  4. Walking Papers
  5. Think With Your Heart
  6. What's Going on in My Home?
  7. Will It Ever Change?
  8. You're Gonna Make Me Cry
  9. Everything's Gonna Be All Right

Songs From the Road (2009)Edit

Luther Allison - Songs From the Road

Songs From the Road

  1. Cancel My Check
  2. Living in the House of Blues
  3. What Have I Done Wrong
  4. Will It Ever Change
  5. You Can, You Can
  6. There Comes a Time
  7. (Watching You) Cherry Red Wine
  8. Low Down and Dirty
  9. It Hurts Me Too
  10. Serious

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