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J- For Julian Sleeps

This song is by Lupen Crook and appears on the single Petals Fresh from Road Kill (2005).

Julian said,

"Even for means for other people" on those paper scraps

His cold, alone, and can't relax

They say he's dreaming

We'll all be good for Julie B

A sick note and a swag reality

You don't know what he's thinking but

I know what he's thinking 'cos

Julian's like me

J for Julian


Tounging her ear 'til it bleeds

The lad can carry, 's got all that he needs (?)

As calm as a gnome

As drunk as the man that pretends to be me

Looking wilder than christ is

The fad of the land

Julian's dribbling and he's

Clapping his hands

'Cos the coma is friendly

The days here aren't long

The weather's exquisite

This is Julian's song

Sing along!

Sing along.

Sing along!

Sing along.

What's it like to be another

In the arms of your old lover

It's just a dream

For Julian sleeps alone

Afraid to wake and travel home

Julian, stay there please


What's it like to be another

In the arms of my own lover

It's just a dream

For Julian sleeps like me

He ain't sure what it's supposed to be

Julian, stay there please

Julian, stay there please


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