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We've Come So Far

This song is by Lunacidal Tendencies.

We've come so far
To get nowhere at all
Spinning our wheels
Grinding our heels

Focused on the past
Always the past
Not the first or the last
Thing that happened to us
When we lost our trust
In the powers that be
And the gods that see

Hitler changed nothing
In the flow we created
Not Napoleon, Julius
Nor Alexander the Greated

Just more links in a chain
Revered just the same
As all of the line-standers
Bystanders and innocent crime handlers
Living in the past
Always the past

Blame is in the past
Guilt, regret and oh what a shame
To be stuck in this dark tunnel
By that guy with the reins
Playing his game
But his power comes from me
Not you or anyone else I see
So what if I flow against the grain

Like the people who really made change
Not the peacemakers, terrorists and politicians
But those who said no
While we called it ego
And crushed them with our mighty blows
In the past
Always the past

Sitting in the past
Always the past
Looking at the last
Group of people who took me down
So I can visualize coming around
To their town
To turn it around

To repeat this cycle
But this time with me on top

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