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The Arabesque

This song is by Luminaria and appears on the album Arche (2005).

I'm shattered, in pieces
And lost in the ice abyss
I am biting my numb lips
The arabesque of hurting
Hiding all of the visions
Under the curtain of despair
Swallowing bitter experience I am
(You're) A sea of cold flames, masterpiece of force
Art of sacred rules You never defrost?
Fever atmosphere, diverging thoughts
A melody of discords, phariseean love
I'm an empty shell Echo's treasury dancing on the waves
Memories among storm's insanity
All falling leaves won't remind you of me
This punitive ...sounds, this blazing ...eyes, this bitter ...words
Still wish I had died, but I'll sink a million times
In the sea of cold flames still alive
Is the pain infinitive?
Then I am really shattered
Laying on your arras body
In this ancillary position
Like a burnt offering
Sweat covered my forehead
Hands tied up in embrace
Tongues of burning pleasure I am
You ornate me with your design of power
The complex mosaic of an interior movement
The intricate czardas dance - pleasure and suffer
You're a sea of vivid flames
I am panchromatic matter
A masterpiece of love
The arabesque of suffer
I'll swim a million times in plurima incendia
Later, disobidient, go inshore
Spend hours waiting in the antechamber of your grace
Finally look for an antidote

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