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This song is by Luminaria and appears on the album Arche (2005).

Irmao - I see that little faith in eyes and I hear "No one I can trust"
Believe in me
Unforgetable mistakes You made I don't remember now
Don't fade away
You aren't an icon of past, You aren't an opaque flashforward
You are the fragments of looking-glass broken but reflective
We have yet time to rend our garments
To look out of the window: did destiny change it's mind?
To empty the eyes of despair overabundance
We have yet enough time
And I am not your god, but weak and imperfect
Although I can be your humble monastery where you may deposit
Doubts anger or reveries
Don't recede towards an abstract space before the time prescribed
Before this compulsory separation
I can show you the charm of ordinary day
Elementary colours
Don't shut yourself off at the land of Arctic
Leave your dreams of solitude
Fake misanthropic reality
Let's enjoy that true presence
I'm a sacred vase with divine breath

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