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Rope Mirage (2012)Edit

Lulu James - Rope Mirage

Rope Mirage

  1. Halfway to Hell
  2. Rope Mirage
  3. Authority

Be Safe (2012)Edit

Lulu James - Be Safe

Be Safe

  1. Be Safe
  2. Be Safe (3hrs Remix)
  3. Stuck (featuring Mao)
  4. Stuck(Extended Mix) (featuring Mao)

Sweetest Thing (2013)Edit

Lulu James - Sweetest Thing

Sweetest Thing

  1. Sweetest Thing
  2. Sweetest Thing (Sweater Beats Remix)
  3. Sweetest Thing (Laconic Remix)
  4. Sweetest Thing (Armeria Remix)

Closer (2013)Edit

Lulu James - Closer


  1. Closer (Radio Edit)
  2. Closer
  3. Closer (Brolin Remix)
  4. Closer (Kidnap Kid Remix)
  5. Closer (Domzilla Remix)

Step by Step (2013)Edit

Lulu James - Step by Step

Step by Step

  1. Step by Step (Radio Edit)
  2. Step by Step (Original Mix)
  3. Step by Step (Domzilla Remix)
  4. Step by Step (Walter Ego Remix)

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