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​Dignity and Backbone

This song is by Luka Bloom and appears on the album This New Morning (2012).

There is no cavalry coming over Vinegar Hill
These boots I stand in
Are the only boots I must fill
We have seen the way of greed
And yes I've done my share
Can we pull together now?
Or are we going nowhere?
Being a sovereign people
Is not determined by finance
But how we are with each other
How we work and we play
How we sing and we dance...
With dignity and backbone
Dignity and backbone
This world is achingly beautiful

That my spirit is free
It's not about where I come from
As much as where I want to go
I want to be the future
Where I'm planted I will grow
Being a sovereign people...
I'm not waiting for a leader
Ill try to be one myself
Live a good strong life
Every day that is left
Keep an eye on my neighbour
Always open my hand
Reach out to each other
Imagine a new land
Being a sovereign people

Written by:

Luka Bloom