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​Capture a Dream

This song is by Luka Bloom and appears on the album This New Morning (2012).

Where the animals roam and the river flows
He walked into her kitchen
Sat down at her table
Like déjà vu
Or a Scandinavian fable
Two hearts in springtime
Shooting the breeze for awhile
High in the Kerry Mountains
Lost in a smile
Summer came the days were long
The air was sweet like wine
Silhouetted trees at night
Were cradling sleep time
She sat with him by a rock of old
They looked across the valley

They took the sun upon the grass
There was wildness in her silence
Yellow hair, blue pools of eyes
Time for touch and kindness
Summer came...
Summers come and summers pass
Winters chill was calling
Who he thought he knew, he knew no more
Long nights falling
Capture a dream in a photograph
Before the rainbow fades
Gather a dream in a photograph
The rain washes the days away
Where the animals roam and the river

Written by:

Luka Bloom