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Lost In La Alhambra

This song is by Luis Eduardo Aute and appears on the album Aire / Invisible (1998).

Once upon a time,
A purple moon awakened
Over cypresses and chimes,
The air breathed April orange blossoms,
Cinnamon and crime,
A silver light
Beheld the sight
Of Moorish towers dripping water gardens
Under the old Alhambra night.
Walking all alone,
I knew about the spell of being
A sultan on his throne,
The fragile soul of beauty
And the spirit of the unknown,
The excited breath
Of love and death,
The raving visions of bewildered passions
Written on the starry breadth.

Lost in La Alhambra,
In a night where a breeze is a sigh
Making love to a murmuring stream...
Lost in La Alhambra,
Lost in a dream.

Suddenly a hand
Awakened me from ecstasy
To make me understand
That I got lost
While wandering along this wonderland,
I turned to see
Who could it be
And I found Irving, the tale-teller, dancing
Like a fool in front of me.
"Welcome, my dear friend,
La Alhambra is the beginning of a tale
That never ends,
There's no way out, no getting back,
If that's what you pretend.
You'll never find
The path behind,
This fool in front of you gave up long time ago
While seeking peace of mind".

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