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Human Alien

This song is by Luis Eduardo Aute and appears on the album Aire / Invisible (1998).

The thing is that I can't turn down
The jerk inside me
I'm fond of being a stupid clown...
Is that an oddity?
Don't cry to make me appeal to reason,
I'll never be a hand for treason;
I'ts much too late
To drive my fate
To sanity...

Cause, lover, I pretend to believe
That all you give is all you receive,
And that's why love is surely
All the treasure life is worth...
I know my point of view
Might seem a bit "taboo"
Here on earth...

I'm a human alien,
I'm a human alien madly in love...
So madly in love with you...
So madly in love with you...

I can't afford to be in love
If sex is ail the bet,
If that's the choice, I'd rather try
A backflip on the net.
So if you thought you found a stallion,
Forget it, 'cause I'm only on alien,
A loony toy
You could enjoy
When you're upset

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