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Grave New World

This song is by Luis Eduardo Aute and appears on the album Aire / Invisible (1998).

"Back to order" is the spirit of these times
And its matter, all the silence of its crimes,
Market prophets blessing final Histories,
Show-biz vampires sucking blood from realities,
Wall street churches built on homeless walls and streets,
Entertainment celebrating thought's defeat...

Without love, without soul,
Without heart, without mind...
In this grave new world,
Deaf and dumb and blind.

Right wing eagles flying over legal theft,
Only anger of distress is all that's left,
Racist raiders are the winners of the race
And the darskins ride the horses of disgrace.
If you think twice, you may be called Bertold Brecht
And that poet is somehow not too correct...

Swords of wisdom are the keepers of the key,
Sin redeemers selling heavens on TV
Crooks and thieves will have you begging on your knees,
That's the bargain if you want to get your fees.
Lady Rainbow, all your colours have been sold,
Tell me Beauty, are you worth a pot of gold?

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