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Alone With You

This song is by Luis Eduardo Aute and appears on the album A Día De Hoy (2007).

If you don't mind,
Wrong or right,
Let me be you lover
In my dreams tonight.

I close my eyes,
You re in sight,
Seated just before me
But your skirt is tight

And a play with
A cigarette,
Then I light it
At your command.

Smoke gets thicker,
Suddenly wet
When desire
Grows in my hand.

Cause you know,
Oh, Sharon, my preciosus stone,
Solitaires are a dream come true
Everytime that I'm in you
When I'm alone,
Alone with you,
When I m in you
Without you.

You parted thighs,
Wings in flight,
Lead me to the heavens
Of your hell tonight.

And then we burn
In delight,
All the flaming angels
Reach their pleasant height.

Then I look for
A cigarette
And I light it
Aty my demand.

Smoke gets thinner,
Drowning in sweat
When your image
Melts in my hand.

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