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The Vocalizer

This song is by Ludacris and appears on the album The Preview (2008).

*gun cocking, gunshots*

DJ Drama: Yeah, it's your fucking boy Drama

*dial tone*

DJ Drama: I gotta call Luda right now



DJ Drama: It's ringing...

*picks up*

Ludacris: Hello?
DJ Drama: Hello, can i speak to Luda?
Ludacris: Who's this?
DJ Drama: This is DJ Drama
Ludacris: What's good?
DJ Drama: Chillin your shit
Ludacris: OK
DJ Drama: What the fuck you doing?
Ludacris: Fuck-up in TV
DJ Drama: What?
Ludacris: My CD's
DJ Drama: Uhm...
Ludacris: I ain't fucked up
DJ Drama: OK...yo, listen
Ludacris: What's dealing?
DJ Drama: In TV was my vocalizer publicity
Ludacris: Uhm...
DJ Drama: Costing 9 pounds 90 cents
Ludacris: Uhm...
DJ Drama: A shit like that you have in your home
Ludacris: OK
DJ Drama: Take this shit on
Ludacris: OK, peace
DJ Drama: Peace

*dial tone*

*laughing, hangs up*