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Incognegro (1999)Edit

Ludacris - Incognegro
  1. Intro
  2. U Got a Problem?
  3. Game Got Switched
  4. 1st & 10 (featuring I-20 and Lil Fate)
  5. It Wasn't Us
  6. Come On Over (Skit)
  7. Hood Stuck
  8. Get Off Me (featuring Pastor Troy)
  9. Mouthing Off (featuring 4-Ize)
  10. Midnight Train (featuring Chimere)
  11. Ho (Skit)
  12. Ho
  13. Tickets Sold Out (Skit)
  14. Catch Up (featuring I-20 and Lil Fate)
  15. What's Your Fantasy (featuring Shawnna)
  16. Rock and a Hard Place

Back For The First Time (2000)Edit

Ludacris - Back For The First Time
Back for the First Time
  1. U Got A Problem?
  2. Game Got Switched
  3. 1st & 10 (featuring I-20 and Fate Wilson)
  4. What's Your Fantasy (featuring Shawnna)
  5. Come On Over (Skit)
  6. Hood Stuck
  7. Get Off Me (featuring Pastor Troy)
  8. Mouthing Off (featuring 4-Ize)
  9. Stick 'Em Up (featuring Bun B and Pimp C)
  10. Ho (Skit)
  11. Ho
  12. Tickets Sold Out
  13. Catch Up (featuring I-20 and Fate Wilson)
  14. Southern Hospitality
  15. What's Your Fantasy (Remix) (featuring Foxy Brown, Trina and Shawnna)
  16. Phat Rabbit

Word Of Mouf (2001)Edit

Ludacris - Word Of Mouf
Word Of Mouf
  1. Coming 2 America
  2. Rollout (My Business) (featuring Timbaland)
  3. Go 2 Sleep (featuring Fate Wilson, I-20 and Three 6 Mafia)
  4. Cry Babies (Oh No)
  5. She Said (featuring Fate Wilson)
  6. Howhere (Skit)
  7. Area Codes (featuring Nate Dogg)
  8. Growing Pains (featuring Fate Wilson)
  9. Greatest Hits (Skit)
  10. Move Bitch (featuring I-20 and Mystikal)
  11. Stop Lying (Skit)
  12. Saturday (Oooh! Oooh!) (featuring Sleepy Brown)
  13. Keep It On The Hush (featuring Jazze Pha)
  14. Word Of Mouf (Freestyle) (featuring 4-Ize)
  15. Get The Fuck Back (featuring Fate Wilson, I-20 and Shawnna)
  16. Freaky Thangs (featuring Twista and Jagged Edge)
  17. Cold Outside (featuring Chimere)
  18. Block Lockdown
  19. Welcome To Atlanta (Bonuls track) (featuring Jermaine Dupri)

Chicken-N-Beer (2003)Edit

Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer
  1. Southern Fried Intro
  2. Blow It Out
  3. Stand Up (featuring Shawnna)
  4. Rob Quarters (Skit)
  5. Splash Waterfalls
  6. Hard Times (featuring 8Ball & MJG and Carl Thomas)
  7. Diamond In The Back
  8. Screwed Up (featuring Lil' Flip)
  9. T-Baggin' (Skit)
  10. P-Poppin (featuring Shawnna and Lil Fate)
  11. Hip-Hop Quotables
  12. Black Man's Struggle (Skit)
  13. Hoes In My Room (featuring Snoop Dogg)
  14. Teamwork
  15. Interactive (Skit)
  16. We Got (featuring I-20, Tity Boi and Chingy)
  17. Eyebrows Down
  18. Act A Fool

The Red Light District (2004)Edit

Red Light
The Red Light District
  1. Intro
  2. Number One Spot
  3. Get Back
  4. Put Your Money (featuring DMX)
  5. Blueberry Yum Yum (featuring Sleepy Brown)
  6. Child Of The Night (featuring Nate Dogg)
  7. The Potion
  8. Pass Out
  9. Skit
  10. Spur Of The Moment (featuring DJ Quik)
  11. Who Not Me (featuring Dolla Boy and Small World)
  12. Large Amounts
  13. Pimpin' All Over The World (featuring Bobby Valentino)
  14. Two Miles An Hour
  15. Hopeless (featuring Trick Daddy)
  16. Virgo (featuring Nas and Doug E. Fresh)

Release Therapy (2006)Edit

Release Therapy
  1. Warning (Intro)
  2. Grew Up A Screw Up (featuring Young Jeezy)
  3. Money Maker (featuring Pharrell Williams)
  4. Girls Gone Wild
  5. Ultimate Satisfaction (featuring Field Mob)
  6. Mouths To Feed
  7. End Of The Night (featuring Bobby Vasquez)
  8. Woozy (featuring R. Kelly)
  9. Tell It Like It Is
  10. War With God
  11. Do Your Time
  12. Slap
  13. Runaway Love (featuring Mary J. Blige)
  14. Freedom Of Preach
  15. We Ain't Worried 'Bout U (iTunes & Japanese bonus track)
  16. Need A Boss (iTunes bonus track)
  17. Turn The Page (iTunes bonus track)
  18. Sweet Revenge (Japanese bonus track)

The Preview (2008)Edit

The Preview
  1. And Starring...
  2. Still Spittin'
  3. DTP Magic
  4. Get Up Get Out
  5. So Thoro
  6. The Vocalizer
  7. Bigg Ass House
  8. 2 Kings
  9. Politics As Usual
  10. Look What I Got
  11. Pinky Shinin'
  12. Sho'Nuff Revisited
  13. Ordinary Negroes
  14. Throw It Up
  15. Coogi Down
  16. I'm A Dog
  17. Smokin Big Kill
  18. Stay Together
  19. We Ain't Worried Bout You
  20. Roll The Credits
  21. Been Puttin On
  22. Secret Song

Theater of the Mind (2008)Edit

Ludacris - Theater of the Mind
Theater of the Mind
  1. Intro
  2. Undisputed (featuring Floyd "Money" Mayweather)
  3. Wish You Would (featuring T.I.)
  4. One More Drink (featuring T-Pain)
  5. Call Up the Homies (featuring The Game and Willy Northpole)
  6. Southern Gangsta (featuring Rick Ross, Playaz Circle and Ving Rhames)
  7. Everybody Hates Chris (featuring Chris Rock)
  8. What Them Girls Like (featuring Chris Brown and Sean Garrett)
  9. Nasty Girl (featuring Plies)
  10. Contagious (featuring Jamie Foxx)
  11. Last of a Dying Breed (featuring Lil Wayne)
  12. MVP
  13. I Do It for Hip Hop (featuring Nas and Jay-Z)
  14. Do the Right Thang (featuring Common and Spike Lee)
  15. Let's Stay Together (USA & UK iTunes Bonus Track)
  16. Press the Start Button (Dutch iTunes & Japanese Bonus Track)

Battle of the Sexes (2010)Edit

Ludacris - Battle of the Sexes
Battle of the Sexes
  1. Intro
  2. How Low
  3. My Chick Bad (featuring Nicki Minaj)
  4. Everybody Drunk (featuring Lil Scrappy)
  5. I Do It All Night (featuring Shawnna)
  6. Sex Room (featuring Trey Songz)
  7. I Know You Got a Man (featuring Flo Rida)
  8. Hey Ho (featuring Lil' Kim and Lil Fate)
  9. Party No Mo' (featuring Gucci Mane)
  10. B.O.T.S. Radio (featuring I-20 and Shawnna)
  11. Can't Live With You (featuring Monica)
  12. Feelin' So Sexy (featuring Shawnna)
  13. Tell Me a Secret (featuring Ne-Yo)
  14. My Chick Bad (Remix) (featuring Diamond, Trina and Eve)
  15. Sexting
  16. How Low (Remix) (featuring Ciara and Pitbull)
  17. Rollercoaster (featuring Dru Hill and Shawnna)

1.21 Gigawatts: Back To The First Time (2011)Edit

Ludacris - 1.21 Gigawatts- Back To The First Time
1.21 Gigawatts: Back To The First Time
  1. Intro
  2. Save It For Another Day
  3. Rich & Flexin' (featuring Waka Flocka Flame)
  4. Muthafucka Can U Buy That
  5. History Lesson (Interlude)
  6. Bada Boom
  7. Say It To My Face (featuring Meek Mill)
  8. I Aint The One (featuring 2 Chainz)
  9. Shake And Fries (featuring Gucci Mane)
  10. Do Sumthin Strange (featuring Rick Ross)
  11. I'm On Fire (featuring Big K.R.I.T.)
  12. What You Smoking On (featuring Wiz Khalifa)

#IDGAF (2013)Edit

Ludacris - IDGAF
  1. Intro
  2. If I Ain't Fucked Up
  3. Raised In The South (featuring Young Jeezy)
  4. Helluva Night
  5. 9 Times Out Of 10 (featuring French Montana and Que)
  6. Speak Into The Mic
  7. Dancing Dirty (featuring Chris Brown)
  8. IDGAF
  9. She's A Trip (featuring Mac Miller)
  10. Mad Fo (featuring Meek Mill, Chris Brown, Swiss Beatz and Pusha T)

Ludaversal (2015)Edit

Ludacris - Ludaversal
  1. Ludaversal (Intro)
  2. Grass Is Always Greener
  3. Call Ya Bluff
  4. Lyrical Healing
  5. Beast Mode
  6. Viagra (Skit)
  7. Get Lit
  8. Come and See Me (Interlude)
  9. Come and See Me (featuring Big K.R.I.T.)
  10. Good Lovin (featuring Miguel)
  11. Ocean Skies (featuring Monica)
  12. Not Long (featuring Usher)
  13. Charge It to the Rap Game
  14. This Has Been My World
Deluxe edition bonus tracks
  1. Money (featuring Rick Ross)
  2. Problems (featuring Cee Lo Green)
  3. In My Life (featuring John Legend)
  4. Burning Bridges (featuring Jason Aldean)

Songs Featuring LudacrisEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Act A Fool (Music Video Version)
  2. Ajia
  3. All The Way Turned Up
  4. Ayo Girl
  5. Bad Boyz
  6. Beat Box
  7. Beep
  8. Blow It Out (Remix)
  9. Born An OG
  10. Born An Og
  11. Break Bread
  12. Break Your Heart
  13. Cadillac Grills
  14. Celebrity Chick
  15. Childz Play
  16. Chopped N Skrewed
  17. Conjure Commercial
  18. Considerate Brotha
  19. Cross My Mind
  20. Cut Up
  21. DTP For Life
  22. Dance With Me/Peaches And Cream
  23. Dis Bitch, Dat Hoe
  24. Down In Tha Dirty (Explicit))
  25. Down In Tha Dirty
  26. Down In The Dirty
  27. Drinkin' N Drivin'
  28. F5 Furiously Dangerous
  29. Fat Rabbit
  30. Fatty Girl
  31. Freaky Girl
  32. Freckle Face
  33. Freestyle Video
  34. Furiously Dangerous
  35. Georgia
  36. Get Out The Way
  37. Get The Hell On With That
  38. Gimme Dat
  39. Gold Digger
  40. Gossip Folks
  41. Grab It
  42. Grew Up The Screw Up (Remix)
  43. Grippin'
  44. Growing Pains (Remix)
  45. He Man
  46. High Price
  47. Holidae In (Multimedia Track)
  48. Holidae In
  49. How Low Remix (Bonus Track (Explicit))
  50. How Low Remix (Bonus Track
  51. How We Do It (In The A)
  52. However (Skit)
  53. I Know What Them Girls Like
  54. I Need A Boss
  55. In The A
  56. Jingalin
  57. John Madden 2000 Theme
  58. Killer
  59. Legs Shakin'
  60. Lets Do It
  61. Loverboy Remix
  62. Loverboy
  63. Lovers & Friends (Remix)
  64. Lovers & Friends
  65. Ludacris-Act A Fool
  66. Ludacrismas
  67. Madden 2000
  68. Made You Look (Remix)
  69. Meet The Dealer
  70. Mindfreak
  71. Money
  72. My Business
  73. My Chick Bed
  74. My Love
  75. My Splash
  76. N.S.E.W.
  77. Party Girls
  78. People
  79. Pick Up The Phone
  80. Pimp Council
  81. Pinky Shinin
  82. Playa Cardz Right (Male)
  83. Pour Out A Lil Liquor
  84. Put On (Freestyle)
  85. Put On
  86. Real Pimp
  87. Red Light (Remix)
  88. Regret
  89. Representin'
  90. Rest Of My Life
  91. Rock Star
  92. Rockin' That Thang
  93. Rodeo
  94. Rodney
  95. Same Damn Time
  96. Sex Faces
  97. Sexy Sarah
  98. Shake Dat Shit
  99. Shake N Fries
  100. Shake Señora Remix
  101. Shake Señora
  102. Short Circuitz
  103. So Fresh, So Clean
  104. Soul Bossa Nostra
  105. Splash Waterfalls (Remix)
  106. Stand Up (Remix)
  107. Stand Up (Video Version)
  108. Stomp (Most Requested)
  109. Stomp
  110. Stuck Up
  111. Sugar (Gimme Some) (Remix)
  112. Sugar (Remix)
  113. That's My Shit
  114. The First Time
  115. The Jump Off
  116. Throw Them Bows
  117. Tonight
  118. Too Easy
  119. Too Many Niggas Not Enough Hoes
  120. Too Many Niggas
  121. Two Miles An Hour (Remix)
  122. U Don't Have Call
  123. Welcome To Atlanta Remix
  124. What Means The World To You (Remix)
  125. What Them Girls Like (Remix)
  126. What Them Girls Like (Youso Remix)
  127. When We Were Kids
  128. Ya Heard
  129. Yeah!
  130. You's A Hoe
  131. You'z A Hoe

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