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​Children In The Streets

This song is by Lucky Dube and appears on the album Together As One (1988).

Sitting by the door
One morning,
Looking at the children going to school man, then I thought about the ones in the street;
Moving up and down
No where to go,
No education,
No future.
Then I thought about their parents man, why do they suffer so much.
If they have parents why.
(If you really don't want no children why do you have them, why) [x2]

We can fight and no one's hurt
We can stop children from the street. [x3]

It's a cold winter man, moving back cooler down khilo street man
His father is relaxing in the best bar in town asking them to fill his glass man.

His mother is kissing on another man.
If you really don't want no children, why do you have them.
If you can't care for them why...