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Our Gilded Home

This song is by Luciana Souza and appears on the album Tide (2009).

Out of ten thousand tiny battles we have lost
We mine the weakness in ourselves and find the cost
And love is blind tonight but that's alright

We left our homeless past to find a place to be
And from our thoughts of the impossible we flee
But I believe

It's written on the walls around us
The sorrow or the joy we harvest
Open wide to the flow of the tears we cry

And from such sad beginnings we have come
And with our hearts crisscrossed like rivers
We have hung our portraits in the air

In this darkened calm
Now our words seem easier to share
Are we prepared?

We fly away
We'll bathe our feet out in the waters of the south
We'll taste the salt of restless futures in our mouths again

There's no end for you and me
There's no end for you and me

Written by:

David Hurst Batteau; Lawrence A Klein; Luciana Souza

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