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Down Under

This song is by Lucia Marconi And The Carpool To Nashville and appears on the album Running In The Wind (2013).

Let's go down under,
Feeling quite the stranger
Because my life has never gone so far without you
Keep your eyes open,
Wake up your senses
Because this time I won't fall down again without you

Time has come to change my point of view
And like the hanged man,
To put my feet in other shoes
To break this box and get out of these blues

I wanna ride through
Wide open spaces
And taste the freedom in my loneliness
Drive through the wild plains,
Have Dingos for friends
Dream with the ancient men who still live here
Like so much time ago

I wanna sing tonight for all of you
Hoping this old bus
Won't break down, until the end of this strange tour
Far from home, on the other side of my old world.

Let's go down under,
Let go of certainties
Stop playing it safe, the moment to take risks has come
Let's bet on ourselves,
Let's get on this old plane
It's now or never to find out the truth

Time has come to see if it was a bluff
And like the gambler does
To bet everything we have
Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Let's go down under
And taste the freedom
It's now or never

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