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Let's Get It On (2006)Edit

Lucas Prata - Let's Get It On

Let's Get It On

  1. It's Time (Interlude)
  2. And She Said
  3. Never Be Alone (Valentin Radio Edit)
  4. Love of My Life
  5. Vic Latino Phone Call (Interlude)
  6. We Got It Going On
  7. Wanna Be
  8. Mary's Call (Interlude)
  9. Sorry Mary
  10. The Definition of Sound (Interlude)
  11. Let's Get It On
  12. I Think I'm Falling in Love
  13. Feel the Love Again
  14. System Check (Interlude)
  15. The Ma Ya Hi Song
  16. The Best of Me
  17. Alright
  18. More Than Words Can Say
  19. Pa La Fiesta (Interlude)
  20. And She Said (Y Dices) (English Reggaeton Mix) (featuring Adassa)
  21. Never Be Alone (Spanglish Mix)
  22. And She Said (Valentin Sunset Mix)
  23. And Snow Says… (Outro)

Never Stop Dreaming (2008)Edit

Lucas Prata - Never Stop Dreaming

Never Stop Dreaming

  1. Never Stop Dreaming Intro
  2. All the Girls
  3. A Girl Like That (featuring Jeannie Ortega)
  4. She's All I Need
  5. Back to the 80's Interlude
  6. Don't You Want Me (featuring Kim Sozzi)
  7. Something About You (featuring George LaMond)
  8. Wrong Turn
  9. Stop Let's Go
  10. Guitar Interlude
  11. Can't Go Back
  12. I Need You Tonight
  13. What's Your Name
  14. Love Is in the Air
  15. Pants Outro

Other SongsEdit

  1. And We Say... Let's Go Mets
  2. My Humps 2010
  3. Nowhere Left To Go

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