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​Cada Dia

This song is by Luca Prodan and appears on the album Perdedores Hermosos (1983).

Guess you better know it sometimes
Eighty·one days in a year, fifty-two weeks in a month

There' s no problems really they are all in your head unfortunately
There' s where you live
A glass of gin for here, one for there

And I'll puke up in the sink everyday my mind is never quite far away enough
Everyday I look out of the window and the sky is grey
Everyday is real feel so wrong shouldn't stay this way everyday, everyday
Every night I feel much better, I feel almost right

Every night there' s no much to think of
There's no much to fight about every night, everyday
Such nasty things tend to come my way
Another move but l' m always laughing

Everyday things don't seem to come my way

Everyday, everyday, etc. Every night
I feel so different, I feel right there' s something in my head,
There' s nothing in my bed
But everyday, these days are so much longer

What can I say

Everyday is long, is long, is longer than the day before
Every night when there' s no moon I like it better
Every night I feel like writing god a letter
Everyday, everyday

Don't feel uptight, you'll feel all right
Drink some coffee and stay up all night
Drink some more stay up all day drink some more stay up the next night
Don't you worry in the night I've sussed it out