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Plays The Devil's Music (1987)Edit

Lubricated Goat - Plays The Devil's Music

Plays The Devil's Music

  1. Jason The Unpopular
  2. Beyond The Grave
  3. Guttersnipe
  4. Nerve Quake
  5. Anal Injury
  6. Hornraiser
  7. Frotting With Ennio
  8. Goats And The Men Who Ride Them
  9. Can't Believe We're Really Making Love

Schadenfreude (1989)Edit

  1. Shut Your Mind
  2. Prayer For Blood
  3. Magumbo Head
  4. The Hunt Is Better Than The Kill
  5. Toys
  6. Melting

Forces You Don't Understand (1994)Edit

Lubricated Goat - Forces You Don't Understand

Forces You Don't Understand

  1. You Remain Anonymous
  2. Next World
  3. Crave
  4. The Hedonists
  5. Half-Life
  6. Psychic Detective
  7. Lost Time
  8. The Soul Remains In Pain
  9. 20th Century Rake
  10. The Day In Rock

The Great Old Ones (2003)Edit

  1. Bad Times
  2. Spoil The Atmosphere
  3. Nerve Quake
  4. Stroke
  5. Frotting With Ennio
  6. Snap Out Of It
  7. You Remain Anonymous
  8. Jason The Unpopular
  9. Cannibals' Lament
  10. Play Dead
  11. You're Fading Out

Other SongsEdit

  1. In The Wrong Hands

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  • Stu Spasm Wikipedia16 - Vocals, guitar, bass guitar, sampler, piano, synthesizers, tympani

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