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Back To Emotion

This song is by Luba and appears on the album Between The Earth & Sky (1986) and on the compilation album Over 60 Minutes With... (1987).

I want
Sensory communication
You know
Some joy and agitation
Give me
Some emotional reaction
I want to feel
Sentimental satisfaction
So let's melt the walls of ice
We have carved
Break down the barriers
We don't' have to let it
Go too far
To get it back
Let's get back
To emotion
Let's get back
To the way it used to be
Get back
To emotion
Let's get back
To you and me
I remember
Emotive fascination
But right now I feel no
I feel no sensation
Of fire
Fire and the passion
Let's get back
Let's get back
Sentimental satisfaction
Repeat bridge

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