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Buried by the ages
And recurring time and time again,
The repeating histories
Echoed a wavering melody

It comes to a stop and envelops
A village of stone pavement
Gold coins fly about
A flower vendor looks up at the back alley sky

That place is a small, closed-off world
If everything reflected in my eyes is true,
Then give me just a moment's happiness

Everyone offers up the same prayers repeatedly
In reality, when we search, it's because we search
That we join together

Not saying anything, the mayor thinks:
Have I named this town?
Soon it will come, in the future…

With a perceptive gaze,
Can I just, just see it with my own eyes?
The beginning signal activates
To where does it go?

My hands still hold nothing
Now, I'll shut myself away in that place
And try to sink deeper into its depths
If this is the fate I've been assigned

The newborn wind whispers:
This orderly town is much sought after
For what it seems it will be bringing about

If that reality is your imagination,
Then you cannot escape
From the inexhaustible darkness

If one averts their eyes,
A sky full of light will not be reflected in them

Soon I'll spread my wings, until I am gone…