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You And Me Amplified

This song is by Love Outside Andromeda and appears on the album Longing Was A Safe Place To Hide (2006).

Is this you or me amplified?
Who's will are you defying?
You or me amplified
I don't know who I'm denying

You keep standing on the floor
Where he couldn't take it anymore
A pure version of a man I still want
And I'm not so sick if she's so clearly a cheap shot at it
Do you mind telling me what it is you're waiting for?

Please ring, telephone.
I don't want to grieve this alone
Although you'd want to get it right this time
But you could get it right this time

We can do nothing but fail in our respective fantasies-
Of a past we keep wounding that is gone and cannot be.
Upright, set straight and I want to let it go,
I'll cut the lines I keep using if you will please...

Please ring telephone
I know I don't believe this alone
You and me
You and me