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Hook In My Throat

This song is by Love Outside Andromeda and appears on the album Longing Was A Safe Place To Hide (2006).

I snuck up on you
Saw a little boy drinking himself to sleep
Everything you try and hide from me
Sad.? Surprised?
Your beautiful lies. My ugly truth
When I'm here to be saved why can't I ever find you?

I can't let go with a hook in my throat
I follow you down to the bottom of
Everything that can and will go wrong

And you will change your mind
Just like every time
I've changed my mind
On every little thing that I can't leave behind

How can I be angry with you now that I've closed my eyes?
See what it is to be you
Everything capsized
Impossible to heal the hurt
You think you're going to move away
Pretend that you're somebody else
Eventually change you name

For one moment I made you my little boy
But you would not stay mine
I know what you'd rather belong to
I know where you'd rather belong, too

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