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Is It Fiction

This song is by La Fuga and appears on the album Is It Fiction? (2005).

I wish one day I'll find the truth of chemical doses
Accept people are easy while I break down your door
At least I have in mind that we are all doing our way
I've tasted the place I really want to stay (on and on)

If all is fiction's working good
Day and night
Night and day
It's my special friends ike you
Strange temptations gone away

I heard that bomb expanding on between my inventions
I'm so lost this time I deserve people fucked by the walls
But voice and pressures, hidden pleasures whisper in my soul
I'm lost like you, a day like you, so thank you

If all is Fiction's working good
Day and night
Night and Day
It's my special friends like you
Suicide temptations gone away

If all if Fiction, blame me with conviction
Nothing matter but please, just don't mention
Remember love can only survive by you call Fiction
And you're living in my visions...

If All is ficition'n working good..."

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