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Tan Lines

This song is by Love And Theft and appears on the album Whiskey on My Breath (2015).

There's just something about a Saturday
And a big red ball in the sky
And that's just something you don't wanna waste
And there's a million reasons why
But there's just one that will make you wanna run
To a beach bar patio
So what I'm gonna do
Get a spot with a view
And sip on something slow
And find some pretty girls with

Tan lines, tan lines
Sun-kissed by the sunshine, sunshine
A good day for a good time, good time
There's some two-tone honeys ain't afraid to show
Every little place where the sun don't go
Perfect combination of a little bit of dark and light
Find some pretty girls with tan lines, tan lines
Tan lines, tan lines

Well there ain't no better time to be chillin' outside
When it's 70-something degrees
A little Jimmy Buffet ain't never hurt nothin'
When you're sitting by the sand and the sea
So tip it on back, no shirt, ball cap
Yeah, everything's feelin' alright
My toes are gettin' wet and I'm willin' to bet
That it's only a matter of time
Till I find some of those

You know it gets a little hotter
When they come out of the water
In a two piece tied with a string
You know what I mean
Find some pretty girls with...

Some Carolina tan lines, tan lines
Some Florida girls with tan lines, tan lines

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