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This song is by Louise Taylor and appears on the album Ride (1997).

She has the pale complexion of innocence and death
She could be laid out in white with an armload of roses loose across her dress
A Snow White in a glass coffin instead of this street girl
Sitting on the stoop of the Seventh Day Adventist Bible store
And town folks say she's a fallen petal from a homeless teenager
Dropped in the back alley, left to cry, damp and hungry on a pile of newspaper
With nobody
And he's no special man
He knows it
He just counts himself lucky
To be holding on to something so soft and lovely as sweet Angelee

And they just sit there, Sleeping Beauty and her man
Neither one talking much, just staying together
That's enough for this girl, almost a woman
And every day Angelee wears her pretty party dress
Poppy red with a cream lace coming loose from the hem
Something to twist and never mend
Something to count on again and again and again
And he's no special man
And she knows it
She just counts herself lucky
To be holding on to something so simple and steady as kind Freddy

And Angelee rolls the sides of her patent flats over the edge of the stair
And she polishes her moonstone face with a brush of her straight black hair
And neighborhood kids laugh and point and shout "Look out for the vampire girl!"
Truth is her beauty is sometimes hidden, sometimes frightening and surely not of this world

And he's no special man
And he knows it
He just counts himself lucky
To be holding onto something so strong as his love for sweet Angelee


Written by:

Louise Taylor

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