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Private Property (No Trespassing)

This song is by Louis Jordan and appears on the compilation album One Guy Named Louis (1992) by Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five.

No trespassing, that's private property
Hands off boss
No trespassing, that's private property
I know she looks good to you
But she belongs to me

What's mine is mine and the law is on my side
You jump that fence, you beeter dig yourself a hole and hide
If you want some poultry, buy a barnyard of your own
If you want to live long
You better leave my chick alone

No trespassing, that's private property
I got me a ???? ???? shotgn
And I'll shoot you just as far as I can see
I know she's tempted and you got my sympathy
But Daddy that's all you gonna get from me

You know boss
Your eyes may shine and your teeth my grit
But none of that meat will you give
(You better pay attention man)

No trespassing, that's private property
Yeah daddy I know she knocks you out
But that woman belongs to me

I see you sneaking up close and going into your act
Takes your hand off that woman
If you know what's good for you, you move on back

It's no need to keep an eye from the corner of your eye
And no need to ???? that drooling when my baby tips by
Cause daddy, no good pops it ain't helping
That's private property
Yeah, I know she ???? you pops
But that meat belongs to me