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On the Alamo

This song is by Louis Armstrong and appears on the album When The Saints Go Marchin In (1996).

Lonely through the long weary day
Lonely in the gloaming I stray
And in fancy I am down where
Someone's waiting for me
Down there where I long to be roaming
Noonlight tells me love's dream is o'er
Moonlight finds me wandering once more

Where the moon swings low
On The Alamo
In a garden fair where roses grow
In the tender light of the summer night
I can see her wander to and fro
For she said I'll wait by the garden gate
On the night I said I love you so
And in all my dreams it seems I go
Where the moon swings low
On The Alamo


Written by:

Isham Jones; Gus Kahn

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