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This song is by Loudspeaker Alliance and appears on the album Continuous Error (2009).

Partly human,
Somehow we've managed to find the way
To leave aside the forgotten
For all the audiences of the day.

Wake up you worms
Start eating dirt from the ground
So we can build
A better place for all the times.

Our goal is madness
Fine-grained destruction of the world
And circumstances
That hold us back should be confirmed

And modern values
The rubbish that has come to last
We've defined our past.

So far we should be happy anyhow.

Line up your soldiers
Let's exploit the planet now
Let's spread disease
And while doing so let's smile

Let's celebrate
The true meaning of the life
Rejoicing anyhow.

So far we should be happy anyhow.

These words are empty
Without a story to be told
Our lives are hollow
Nothing there is to be known.

The pessimism
And meaning covered with the lies
Surrender to us
Give us back what ought to be ours.

Are we really to believe
That there is something more?