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Whatever Happened To Us

This song is by Loudon Wainwright III and appears on the album Unrequited (1975) and on the live album A Live One (1979).

Whatever happened to you
Whatever happened to us
We missed the proverbial boat
The plane and train and the bus
Push came to shove and we fell out of love
We tore each other apart
Love is grand but I can't understand
Why you broke my proverbial heart

We used to be in love but now we are in hate
You used to say I came too early
But it was you who came too late
Boy meets girl and they give it a whirl
And the very next thing you know
She thinks he's nuts and he hates her guts
Then the bad blood starts to flow

Well it sounds like sour grapes
And that's just what it is
Gonna get me a subscription to Argosy
And I'll get me a subscription to Ms
That's a whole lot of crap
About a tender trap
What it is is a suicide snare
All I want to do, is to forget you
And our lousy love affair

Written by:

Loudon Wainwright III