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That Hospital

This song is by Loudon Wainwright III and appears on the album Grown Man (1995).

Steve, little Bucky Herdman, Pat O'Boyle, and me
Drank two cases of beer one night; the VW hit a tree.
Bucky wound up in the emergency room; this was sixty-four or five.
Well, I hear he's living in Florida now, lucky to be alive.
Oh, that hospital!
Oh, that hospital!

Well, my dad freaked out and he wound up there one Christmas way back when.
Now I'm never gonna see him; he was my age now back then.
I kept staring out of that window; I could not look at his face.
He said, "I won't be home for Christmas, son; you're gonna have to take my place.
That hospital,
Gonna stay there in that hospital."

I was there again in seventy-six; the wife was having a D and C,
But in the end, she couldn't go through with it, so three left: she, and me,
And that little girl who was born there, who escaped that scrape with fate.
A few months ago in Montreal I watched her graduate.
That hospital,
She was born there in that hospital.

Yeah, my sister was born in that hospital too, and now my mother's in there.
I took the train to see her, Lord, and I sat in that visitor's chair.
Father was angry, so afraid; this was not a blessed event.
Now I'm riding back on that train, wondering where our lives went.
That hospital,
I keep going back.

Hey, I could wind up in there; maybe so could you.
Anything can happen when there's nothing we can do;
And if you come to see me, Lord, and you sit in that visitor's chair,
Take something home from that gift shop so you'll have a souvenir
From that hospital.

Written by:

Loudon Wainwright III

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